Although the timeslot wars don’t officially start until next Sunday, the 28th, it’s important to note that NBC’s lineup won’t change (they’re sticking with football), and CBS launches their lineup this Sunday.

8PM: Once Upon A Time vs Madam Secretary vs The Simpsons/Brooklyn Nine Nine vs Football.

Football will likely come out on top, almost every week (unless there’s a boring match up coming). Everyone is competing for the 2nd place, or 1st place in regular programming. Madam Secretary is tracking well, and Once Upon A Time has been losing some steam. These two will be in a heavy matchup. Once skews younger, and Madam Secretary will have a tough time pulling in the demo. I’m betting Secretary edges out Once in total viewers, but Once wins in the target demo. The Simpsons and Brooklyn Nine Nine can’t win this fight, though they could possibly do well in the demo, and push Madam Secretary to 3rd.

9PM: The Good Wife vs Resurrection vs Family Guy/Mulaney vs Football vs The Walking Dead vs Homeland

Again, Football will reign supreme, but not by much if The Walking Dead has anything to say. The Walking Dead should trounce all of the other scripted shows in both total viewers and the key demo. The Good Wife has never been a ratings powerhouse, and Resurrection dipped a bit by the time its first season wrapped. It’s likely The Good Wife will edge out Resurrection in total viewers, but Resurrection will beat them in the demo. Family Guy will have to make up for the audience that Mulaney is surely not going to have.

10PM: CSI vs Revenge vs Football vs The Affair

Showtime’s The Affair isn’t going to make a huge impact. CSI is no longer the powerhouse it once was, but Revenge isn’t either. CSI will beat Revenge in both total viewers and in the key demo, even with a creative reboot for Revenge.

Overall Winner: AMC

AMC is going to manage to draw in the nights largest audience in a 60 minute period, and do it consistently, regardless of what teams are playing. NBC is also a solid choice for Overall Winner, as the football game will guarantee them at least 10 million eyes every night till January.

Overall Loser: FOX

FOX can’t help but lose. It has no shot at winning a timeslot in total viewers, and won’t win a timeslot in the demo either. It will have to settle for a spattering of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes, which is not what they should want.

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