‘Gotham’ has a good debut, I suppose

I can’t help but be a little disappointed at the total amount of viewers that Gotham pulled in. 8 million seems low, for a show about Batman, even if the 3.2 rating in the demo is worth being excited about. That 3.2 rating is the kind of rating Gotham needs to get a swift season 2 order. If it can hold that audience, it’ll be fine.

I’m disappointed, because The Big Bang Theory returned to 17.9 million viewers (more than double Gotham), and a 5.3 in the demo. Gotham should have taken a bigger chunk, but it didn’t.

Scorpion was viewed by 14 million new eyes, which is a solid hold from its lead in, and had a 3.3 in the demo. Sleepy Hollow was against Scorpion, and was down to 5.5 million viewers and a 2.0 rating in the demo, down 43% from last season.

The Voice returned to solid ratings, 12.7 million viewers and a 3.9 rating in the demo. Following The Voice, The Blacklist saw 12.5 million viewers (still going strong). It faced off against Forever, which was seen by 8.3 million, but only a 1.3 rating in the demo. Uh oh. ABC’s Forever may not be around for… forever.

Fans of Sleepy Hollow should be concerned… as should anyone who enjoyed Forever. Providing they don’t drop in the ratings, the numbers for Gotham and Scorpion are both good enough to get full seasons. Sleepy Hollow has always benefited from a large DVR audience, so it’s not in any immediate danger (unless that audience went away), but they are on notice.

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