Fall TV Preview: Night By Night Comparison

Now that all the major networks have announced their lineups, here’s a look at each night, and a prediction of what’s going to happen. SUNDAY: 8PM: Once Upon A Time (ABC), The Amazing Race (CBS), Football (NBC), The Simpsons/Bobs Burgers (FOX) Football draws the largest audience, obviously. I expect Once Upon A Time to continue to lead in the scripted area. 9PM: Revenge (ABC), The Good Wife (CBS), Football (NBC), Family Guy/American Dad (FOX) Revenge used to be ahead of The Good Wife, but has been dipping a lot recently. I expect The Good Wife to come out on top … Continue reading Fall TV Preview: Night By Night Comparison

FOX Fall Lineup

MONDAY: 8PM- Bones (Fall)/ Almost Human (Post-Baseball) 9PM- Sleepy Hollow TUESDAY: 8-830: Dads 830-9: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 9-930: The New Girl 930-10- The Mindy Project WEDNESDAY: 8-10: The X-Factor/ American Idol (Spring) THURSDAY: 8-9: X-Factor Results/ American Idol Results (Spring) 9-10: Glee (Fall)/ Rake (Spring) FRIDAY: 8-9: Junior Masterchef 9-10: Sleepy Hollow encores (fall)/ 9-930: Raising Hope (post-baseball) 930-10: Enlisted (post baseball) SUNDAY: 8-830: The Simpsons 830-9: Bobs Burgers 9-930: Family Guy 930-10: American Dad The Following and 24 will return in the spring. Continue reading FOX Fall Lineup

Projected FOX Lineup- Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Here’s where I believe the FOX lineup will land, now that they have announced their new show pickups: MONDAY: 800- BONES/ RAKE (midseason) 900- GANG RELATED/ THE FOLLOWING (midseason) TUESDAY: 800-BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 830- ENLISTED 900- THE NEW GIRL 930- US & THEM/ MINDY PROJECT (MIDSEASON) WEDNESDAY: 800- X-FACTOR/ AMERICAN IDOL 930- SURVIVING JACK (MIDSEASON) THURSDAY 800- X-FACTOR RESULTS 900- GLEE FRIDAY 800- SLEEPY HOLLOW 900- ALMOST HUMAN SUNDAY 800- THE SIMPSONS 830- BOB’S BURGERS 900- FAMILY GUY 930- AMERICAN DAD/ SONS (MIDSEASON) I think Raising Hope will be used to plug a hole. It’s a pretty solid sitcom, but it … Continue reading Projected FOX Lineup- Fall 2013/Spring 2014