‘Revenge’ and ‘CSI’ Disappoint, ‘Once’, ‘Simpsons’, and ‘Family Guy’ Surprise

Once Upon A Time hit a series high in almost 2 years with the introduction of the Frozen characters. 9.4 million people tuned in and it got a 3.4 in the demo. Following that was Resurrection, which was OK at 7.6M and 2.2 in the demo, and then Revenge at a disappointing 5.3M and 1.3 in the demo. I can’t see Revenge surviving past this season with those ratings.

Madam Secretary had a good second week with 12.7M, but only a 1.4 in the demo. The Good Wife had 11.2M and 1.3 in the demo, and CSI followed with 9.7M and a 1.4 in the demo. Madam Secretary is doing good enough to get a full season.

The Simpsons did well with 8.5M and a 3.9 in the demo, followed by Brooklyn Nine Nine with 5.5M and 2.6 in the demo. Family Guy was also up, along with The Simpsons, with 8.4M and 4.5 in the demo. That 4.5 in the demo is pretty spectacular.

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