‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Annabelle’ Surge, ‘Left Behind’ Does OK

Oh, look who is turning out to be right. ME. #fuckthehaters. I projected a 40M weekend for Gone Girl, while every other site kept their cool and went with a 25M prediction. With Gone Girl now expected to get 38M for the weekend, I’m a heck of a lot closer than they are. Though, I didn’t think Annabelle would do that well, and had it at 22M.

1) Gone Girl- 13.2M Friday, 38M Weekend

2) Annabelle- 15.4M Friday, 32M Weekend

3) The Equalizer- 5.6M Friday, 18M Weekend

4) The Maze Runner- 3.4M Friday, 11.5M Weekend

5) The Boxtrolls- 2.7M Friday, 10.5M Weekend

6) Left Behind- 2.3M Friday, 7.5M Weekend

7) This Is Where I Leave You- 1.2M Friday, 4M Weekend

8) Dolphin Tale 2- 0.7M Friday, 3M Weekend

9) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 0.7M Friday, 3M Weekend

10) No Good Deed- 0.7M Friday, 2.5M Weekend

??) The Good Lie- 0.3M Friday, 1M Weekend


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