‘Mulaney’ Disappoints

FOX’s overhyped sitcom Mulaney premiered last night, in case you missed it like everyone else. It was seen only by 2.3 million viewers, with a sad 1.0 in the demo. This was coming off of Family Guy, which had 3.7 million viewers and a 1.9 in the demo. That’s quite a drop. Family Guy also pulled up from Brooklyn Nine Nine at 3.3M and 1.6 in the demo, and The Simpsons which was 4.3M and 2.0 in the demo.

Once Upon A Time leveled off this week with 8.6M and 3.1 in the demo, followed by Resurrection at 6.2M and 1.8 in the demo, and Revenge which had 4.9M and 1.3 in the demo. I don’t think Revenge will survive past this season.

CBS went with Madam Secretary (12.1M/1.7), The Good Wife (10.1M/1.4), and CSI (8M/1.2). Considering that Madam Secretary is doing so well, I’d expect a full season order any minute now.

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