‘Marry Me’ Premieres Big

NBC has some good news! Marry Me debuted to 7.8M and 2.3 in the demo, NBC’s best comedy debut of the season. It helped bring About A Boy’s return up (6.2M/ 1.8), but Chicago Fire was down a bit (7.2M/2.0). Of course, it didn’t hurt that The Voice (11.9/3.3) was the lead in to Marry Me.

The Flash (4.1M/1.6) was down a tad, but still doing really well for The CW, as well as Supernatural (2.2M/1.0).

ABC’s comedies are drowning. Selfie did 3.5M and 1.0 in the demo, followed by Manhattan Love Story (3.0M/0.9), Agents Of Shield (4.6M/1.6) and Forever (4.7/1.1). Their whole lineup needs a jolt of life, including the Marvel branded show.

CBS is doing solid, as always. NCIS (17.1M/2.5), NCIS New Orleans (15.9M/2.2), and Person Of Interest (9.7/1.5) continue to do big total viewers, but just average demo samplings.

FOX is watching The New Girl (2.3M/1.2) and The Mindy Project (2.2M/1.0) slowly die.

In perspective, Agents Of Shield pulls in only 4.6M total viewers, but a 1.6 in the demo, which is higher than Person Of Interest, which does more than twice the total viewers.

Marry Me’s 2.3 in the demo is higher than NCIS New Orleans in the same timeslot, even though NCIS has almost twice the total viewership.

The Flash beat Selfie and Manhattan Love Story in both the demo and in total viewers, again. The Flash also beat the pair of reruns on FOX.

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