Weekend Box Office: Pitt Beats Affleck’s Third Weekend

So, Brad Pitt’s Fury was unleashed this weekend, and the big news is that it beat the third weekend of Gone Girl. Not that we should be excited, because it is the third weekend of Gone Girl. Can’t be that hard. Book Of Life did about what The Boxtrolls did, and can basically hope for the same domestic total (though Big Hero 6 is looking to cut in soon). Alexander held up nicely, and had the second best drop in the Top 10 (second to Gone Girl of course). Dracula fell apart, dropping 57% in week two.

New in limited release this week was Birdman, which had a huge launch with a 103K per screen average. HUGE launch. Dear White People did OK, in comparison, but actually had a really great per screen of 31K. What wasn’t so hot?

Men Women and Children expanded into 608 screens, and landed a horrific 526 per screen average. That’s actually less than half of the per screen that Guardians Of The Galaxy had. It’s actually the worst per screen average of the films I tracked, and I could only find two per screens that were worse: Snowpiercer and Mas Negro Que La Noche. Men Women and Children did worse than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Giver, How To Train Your Dragon 2, and A Walk Among The Tombstones. Seriously.

Whiplash continues to do well, with another 10K per screen week. St Vincent also landed 10K in even more screens. Next week, John Wick and Ouija hope to do some business.

1) Fury- 23.5M Weekend, 23.5M Total
2) Gone Girl- 17.8M Weekend, 107M Total
3) Book Of Life- 17M Weekend, 17M Total
4) Alexander…-12M Weekend, 36.8M Total
5) The Best Of Me- 10.2M Weekend, 10.2M Total
6) Dracula Untold- 9.8M Weekend, 40.7M Total
7) The Judge- 7.9M Weekend, 26.8M Total
8) Annabelle- 7.9M Weekend, 74.1M Total
9) The Equalizer- 5.4M Weekend, 89.1M Total
10) The Maze Runner- 4.5M Weekend, 90.8M Total
11) Addicted- 3.4M Weekend, 12.7M Total
12) The Boxtrolls- 2.6M Weekend, 46M Total
13) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 1.0M Weekend, 327.8M Total
??) St Vincent- 0.6M Weekend, 0.8M Total
??) Kill The Messenger- 0.4M Weekend, 1.8M Total
??) Birdman- 0.4M Weekend, 0.4M Total
??) Dear White People- 0.3M Weekend, 0.3M Total
??) Men Women and Children- 0.3M Weekend, 0.4M Total
??) The Skeleton Twins- 0.2M Weekend, 4.7M Total
??) Whiplash- 0.2M Weekend, 0.4M Total
??) Pride- 0.2M Weekend, 0.8M Total
??) One Chance- 14K Weekend, 67K Total

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