Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mirelle Enos, Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams, Josh Holloway, Max Martini, Martin Donovan, Troy Garity, Harold Perrineau
Directed By: David Ayer

Arnold has had a really hard time finding decent films for his return to Hollywood. The Last Stand was almost unwatchable. Escape Plan flopped. So where does that leave Sabotage? Well, it’s a huge step up from The Last Stand, but it’s nowhere near what Schwarzenegger needs.

Part of Sabotage being good is the supporting cast of rising stars, including Joe Manganiello (who looks perfectly cast), Mirelle Enos (who is scary good at being a meth addict), Josh Holloway (still a fan favorite from Lost), and Sam Worthington (who never quite hit the A-list after Avatar). They really help elevate the film in their roles. In many ways, Sabotage would have worked better as a TV series, with the plot pulled out over the course of a full season. The problem here is that it’s rushed, and the story gets muddled. By the end of the film, none of it makes sense, and you only kind of understand what happened. A small plot point is made much larger, and you didn’t really see it coming. Not in a good way, either. More in a “what the hell just happened” way.

But, like I said, Mirelle Enos is crazy good. I’ve seen her play such quiet roles in the past, and maybe on edge, but never like this. The film has a good core structure, which David Ayer tried to keep in check, but the film wasn’t written well enough, and moves too quickly to really establish the story. In the end, while it is still a step up for Schwarzenegger, it is a let down for his fans who keep hoping he’ll reclaim his action star glory.


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