The Love Punch

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie
Directed By: Joel Hopkins

Well, they can’t all be gems, can they? Despite how much I love Emma Thompson as an actress, this film just doesn’t fly very high. It feels like a straight-to-video film, which is why I can’t understand why Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan are involved. A very simplistic plot that is predictable and not funny. Brosnan and Thompson seem to just be cashing in a paycheck as a divorced couple that is obviously going to get back together. Brosnan doesn’t even try and hide his feelings for his ex from the very beginning. It’s obvious that this film is just a quirky way of getting two people back together.

But the film is inherently stupid. Everytime they skype their son, their son’s roommate is always doing something wildly inappropriate. Like using the bathroom with the door wide open (so that even their son could see), or masturbating (within direct proximity to their son). Had the kid been masturbating to gay porn, I might have assumed they were just a really open gay couple, but he picks up a straight-porn magazine, so I have to assume it’s just incredibly shitty writing. And Thompson meets a young frenchman who is just too incredibly understanding about everything. And every plot device seems to be explained by Timothy Spall’s character having a mysterious life that his wife had no idea existed.

It’s just a dumb film that not even the really talented cast can save.


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