Hard Rain

Starring: Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman, Minnie Driver, Randy Quaid, Ed Asner, Betty White
Directed By: Mikael Solomon

Mikael Solomon basically got banished to TV after Hard Rain, so you’d expect a film that was literal crap. It’s not the worst film from the 90’s, but it is kind of a bullshit action film. The plot of the film is dumb. There’s some massive storm, which seems to be affecting a small town… for some unknown reason… near a dam. The damned dam can’t handle the rain, but the rain never seems to be torrential in the film. It’s just an average storm. This is not a tsunami. We need to build better dams.

For some reason, some people want to steal money during this flood, though it’s poorly explained why (other than they want money), or how (other than they got a tip). The whole movie expects you to take a giant leap of faith and just suspend disbelief entirely. If you do so, it’s a passable action movie I suppose. But the more you think about the plot, the angrier you’ll get.

But the good thing is Morgan Freeman is here to be entertaining, and a fairly plausible (if not poorly written) villain. I can’t really find a solid reason to recommned this film, except to say that I’ve seen worse.


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