Box Office Predictions: Nothing Can Touch ‘Sniper’

1) American Sniper- 45M Weekend, 180M Total
American Sniper looks to drop about 50% to 45M. It has been holding up extremely well midweek, and could do a rather ridiculous 180M in just 10 days if my 45M prediction holds up. That’s astounding. I’m astounded.

2) The Boy Next Door- 16M Weekend, 16M Total
Jennifer Lopez has been marketing this across the board to latinos, and that could pay off. While men are watching Sniper, it’s likely women will want to see this sudsy Lopez thriller. I’m guessing she edges out the other newcomers.

3) Mortdecai- 14M Weekend, 14M Total
This Peter Sellars throwback isn’t going to be a massive Johnny Depp hit. All three new releases are getting awful reviews, but Mortdecai is the one whose audience will care the most.

4) Paddington- 12M Weekend, 40M Total
Paddington is likely to edge out Strange Magic this weekend. Better reviews, better word of mouth.

5) The Wedding Ringer- 11M Weekend, 39M Total
6) Strange Magic-9M Weekend, 9M Total
A quietly promoted animated film without a star voice cast. I don’t see much happening here.

7) Taken 3- 7M Weekend, 75M Total
8) Selma- 6.5M Weekend, 40M Total
9) The Imitation Game- 5.5M Weekend, 59M Total
10) Into The Woods- 5M Weekend, 122.5M Total

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