Weekend Box Office: ‘Sniper’ Sets A Record?

I do believe American Sniper set a Super Bowl record this weekend, grossing 31.8M, which is more than the Hannah Montana concert movie did to set the Super Bowl record at 31.1M. The Loft barely squeaked into the Top 10, and Game Of Thrones landed the second best PSA in the Top 15. Mortdecai is already at 16th place, with only $538 per screen average. #flop

1) American Sniper- 31.8M Weekend, 248.9M Total
2) Paddington- 8.5M Weekend, 50.5M Total
3) Project Almanac- 8.5M Weekend, 8.5M Total
4) Black Or White- 6.4M Weekend, 6.4M Total
5) The Boy Next Door- 6.0M Weekend, 24.6M Total
6) The Wedding Ringer- 5.7M Weekend, 48.1M Total
7) The Imitation Game- 5.1M Weekend, 67.9M Total
8) Taken 3- 3.6M Weekend, 81.3M Total
9) Strange Magic- 3.4M Weekend, 9.8M Total
10) The Loft- 2.8M Weekend, 2.8M Total
11) Selma- 2.6M Weekend, 43.5M Total
12) Into The Woods-1.9M Weekend, 124.3M Total
13) A Most Violent Year- 1.7M Weekend, 3.1M Total
14) Birdman- 1.5M Weekend, 33.2M Total
15) Game Of Thrones- 1.5M Weekend, 1.5M Total
16) Mortdecai- 1.4M Weekend, 6.8M Total

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