My Bubble Show Predictions

Lets see how many of these I can get right.

American Idol- FOX is gonna stick with this at least another season. It’s down, sure, but it’s not out.
Backstrom- FOX loves the shows creator, but ratings aren’t strong enough. Cancel.
Bones- The only hold up here is cast negotiations. If the leads are done, so is the show. I would be very surprised if they just left the show without a proper farewell tour. Next season might be the last.
The Following- This is a tough one. It has lost a ton of buzz since Season 1. I think FOX is going to let this go, in favor of trying to find another Empire. Three seasons and done.
The Mindy Project- FOX loves this show, critics love this show. I think FOX is actually going to stick with this.
Weird Loners- They won’t stick with this though.
Mulaney- Or this.

American Crime/Secrets and Lies- Word on the street is that they are planning on turning at least one of these into a “True Detective” type show, where we investigate a different crime each season. Because of that, I can only see one series surviving. American Crime has better reviews, but Secrets and Lies might keep Juliette Lewis around as the main cop (ala The Killing). It’s really a toss up, but my prediction is that only one survives.
Castle- Like Bones, they’re waiting on cast contracts. The cast has been tweeting some really “show ending” type pictures and tokens of appreciation. They seem to think it’s the end, but ABC loves Castle. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will get a raise, and re-sign.
Galavant- I think this is dead. There’s a very small chance it lives, but… probably dead.
Fresh Off The Boat- Much to the chagrin of the original creator of the project, this will live on.
Cristela- I’m betting ABC is axing Cristela.
Last Man Standing- It might sneak another season. It’s a fairly solid performer on Fridays, and has already been running long enough to remain invested in its syndication.
Agents Of Shield- They’re planning another spinoff. It would be weird if they cancelled the original prior to the spinoff, so I’m betting a third season is a sure thing.
Agent Carter- I’m guessing this will come down to how solid the plans are for the spinoff, but I’d guess Agent Carter also lives to see another day.
Resurrection- This is dead. Sorry.
Revenge- This probably SHOULD die, but it’ll get a shortened order for a final season.
Nashville- ABC is high on this brand, and syndication is on the horizon. I’m guessing ABC sticks with Nashville another season, but I’m projecting a timeslot change… possibly to Fridays… where no one cares how it performs.
The Middle- An underdog, true, but a solid performer. This will come back, even if one of the kids doesn’t.

Battle Creek- Despite the pedigree of the creators of the show (who made Breaking Bad and House), this show isn’t pulling its weight. CBS has much stronger shows, and Battle Creek will die.
Blue Bloods- All signs point toward renewal, as of right now.
CSI/CSI Cyber- CSI Cyber won’t be renewed if CSI isn’t. They’ll either let the series die altogether, but they won’t greenlight the limping spinoff on its own. The original CSI, if it is renewed, might have a shortened season again. Star Ted Danson needs a new contract.
Elementary- Ratings are down, but this isn’t out yet. Syndication is a powerful beast.
The Good Wife- Emmy nominations and critical acclaim keep this alive.
Hawaii Five-O- Might be the shocking cancellation of the upfronts.
The McCarthys- Dead.
The Odd Couple- This truly will come down to pilots. I think CBS might stick with this another season. The ratings aren’t terrible, and with some tweaking before next season, they could turn this into a hit.
Stalker- I can’t see CBS renewing this.
Person Of Interest- If they stick with CSI/CSI Cyber, I don’t think there’s enough space for them to also stick with Person of Interest… and get some fresh blood. This is very much in danger.

Hart Of Dixie- This is dead.
iZombie- Despite renewing almost every single show, the CW is also going to stick with iZombie.

About A Boy/Undateable- NBC is likely to return only one of their sitcoms for next season. It’ll either be Undateable or About A Boy. They’ll try again with brand new comedies, but I can’t see them not having at least ONE third season sitcom to help anchor.
American Odyssey- It’s almost too soon to tell, but I’m leaning towards No.
Marry Me- Not buzzy enough to survive.
The Slap- This is done.
Mysteries Of Laura- This will come down to the pilots. It’s actually been a solid enough performer that NBC can consider renewing it. I’m hoping they have a better fall pool to choose from.
State Of Affairs- Dead.
One Big Happy- Probably dead.
The Night Shift- Season 2 is down. They should have kept this in the summer. Sadly, it’s probably dead because NBC thought that they could move a summer series to the spring.

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