Weekend Box Office: Melissa McCarthy Grabs #1, ‘Chapter 3’ Ends Up In 3rd

Melissa McCarthy managed to open Spy above that of her last comedy effort Tammy, which opened last year to only 21.5M. On that same note, Insidious Chapter 3 was down from the opening weekend of Insidious Chapter 2. Insidious Chapter 3 had a really good cinemascore of a B+ (which is great for its genre), which matched Spy. Entourage ended up with the highest of the three films, at A-. Next weekend, prepare for all to get crushed by Jurassic World, which is tracking north of 100M this coming weekend.

1) Spy- 30M Weekend, 30M Total
2) San Andreas- 26.4M Weekend, 92.1M Total
3) Insidious 3- 23M Weekend, 23M Total
4) Entourage- 10.4M Weekend, 17.8M Total
5) Mad Max: Fury Road- 7.9M Weekend, 130.8M Total
6) Pitch Perfect 2- 7.7M Weekend, 160.9M Total
7) Tomorrowland- 7.0M Weekend, 76.2M Total
8) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 6.2M Weekend, 438.0M Total
9) Aloha- 3.3M Weekend, 16.3M Total
10) Poltergeist- 2.8M Weekend, 44.4M Total
11) Love and Mercy- 2.2M Weekend, 2.2M Total
??) Far From The Madding Crowd- 725K Weekend, 9.9M Total
??) I’ll See You In My Dreams- 558K Weekend, 1.8M Total

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