Weekend Box Office: ‘Jurassic’ Roars Into Record Territory

Jurassic World seems to have defied all odds and opened as the 2nd largest domestic debut in history, and the largest worldwide opening weekend. That’s pretty amazing. It’s honestly only a few million shy from The Avengers, and some insiders are saying it might take the crown when all is said and done. Right now, it’s just projected in #2. An A cinemascore suggests that Jurassic World and Inside Out (which currently has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes) are going to have a very interesting fight for #1 next weekend. In other news, Spy held really well in week 2, dropping only 45% up against very formidable competition. Insidious Chapter 3 dove 67% in week 2, fairly typical for a horror flick. Entourage dropped 57%, not very encouraging either. On the flip side, Pitch Perfect 2 only dipped 20%, Love and Mercy dipped 16%, and Mad Max and Avengers both kept their drops below 50%. Also opening this week was Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl, which took its solid reviews to 210K and a 14K per screen average (besting every film reported so far except Jurassic World).

1) Jurassic World- 204.6M Weekend, 204.6M Total
2) Spy- 16M Weekend, 56.9M Total
3) San Andreas- 11M Weekend, 119.3M Total
4) Insidious Chapter 3- 7.3M Weekend, 37.3M Total
5) Pitch Perfect 2- 6M Weekend, 170.7M Total
6) Entourage- 4.3M Weekend, 25.8M Total
7) Mad Max: Fury Road- 4.1M Weekend, 138.6M Total
8) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 3.6M Weekend, 444.7M Total
9) Tomorrowland- 3.4M Weekend, 83.6M Total
10) Love and Mercy- 1.7M Weekend, 4.7M Total
11) Aloha- 960K Weekend, 18.9M Total
??) I’ll See You In My Dreams- 800K Weekend, 2.9M Total
??) Poltergeist- 680K Weekend, 46.1M Total
??) Furious 7- 560K Weekend, 350.7M Total
??) Far From The Madding Crowd- 435K Weekend, 10.7M Total
??) Me Earl and the Dying Girl- 210K Weekend, 210K Total

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