A Deadly Adoption

Starring: Will Ferrell, Kristin Wiig, Jessica Lowndes, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Bryan Safi, Jake Weary
Directed By: Rachel Goldenberg

I think everyone really expected a funny movie, in the vein of Casa De Mi Padre or The Spoils Of Babylon (both by the same writer). Instead, we were treated to a serious movie, just written as formulaic is every lifetime movie ever. The best part was enjoying the live tweets. I don’t know how to feel about A Deadly Adoption. I mean, if someone showed it to me and didn’t tell me it was a Lifetime movie, I’d think it was a bizarre career choice for Wiig and Ferrell, but that they both do a good job with a craptastic script. But knowing that’s it’s a Lifetime movie, I feel like the script was supposed to be at least a little craptastic, and it has to get a little bit of a pass.

So if we give the film at least a partial pass on writing and direction, assuming that some of that was at least partially intentional, then A Deadly Adoption is a pretty decent film, and probably an exceptional Lifetime Original Movie. It would have a hard time standing out as a theatrical release, but it is oddly better than a few big budget theatrical releases this year.

Ferrell and Wiig though… were great. They did a surprisingly good job with this quasi-thriller. Jessica Lowndes, really an integral third piece to this movie, did a great job too. She actually carries most of the film, as the crazy bitch invading their lives, and yet she’ll get none of the credit. She deserves some credit. She’s great at being crazy.

It may not be funny, but it might also be not that bad.


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