Weekend Box Office: ‘Jurassic’ Wins, But ‘Inside’ Gets Some Records Too

Jurassic World technically did win the weekend, but it didn’t beat the second weekend record set by The Avengers (yet, anyway), and it failed to get to 400M in 10 days.

It was Inside Out that had Pixar’s second largest opening weekend of all-time, and 41st out of all opening weekends. It’s the fourth highest opening weekend for an animated film, and the highest opening for a non-franchise film (besting American Sniper for that title). It also has the highest non #1 debut of all time. Inside Out became the special baby of the weekend, even though Jurassic World won.

Next weekend, Ted 2 and Max look to complicate things. Ted 2 is going to have a very interesting battle for first place.

1) Jurassic World- 102.0M Weekend, 398.2M Total
2) Inside Out- 91.0M Weekend, 91.0M Total
3) Spy- 10.5M Weekend, 74.3M Total
4) San Andreas- 8.2M Weekend, 132.2M Total
5) Dope- 6.0M Weekend, 6.0M Total
6) Insidious Chapter 3- 4.1.M Weekend, 45.3M Total
7) Pitch Perfect 2- 3.3M Weekend, 177.5M Total
8) Mad Max: Fury Road- 2.8M Weekend, 143.6M Total
9) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 2.7M Weekend, 451.0M Total
10) Tomorrowland- 2.0M Weekend, 87.6M Total
11) Entourage- 1.9M Weekend, 29.6M Total
12) Love and Mercy- 1.6M Weekend, 7.1M Total
??) I’ll See You In My Dreams- 674K Weekend, 4.0M Total
??) Aloha- 390K Weekend, 20.0M Total
??) Me Earl and the Dying Girl- 352K Weekend, 645K Total (5,176PSA)
??) Far From The Madding Crowd- 260K Weekend, 11.2M Total
??) The Overnight- 62K Weekend, 62K Total (20,667PSA)
??) Infinitely Polar Bear- 47K Weekend, 47K Total (9,400PSA)
??) Manglehorn- 13K Weekend, 13K Total (4,333PSA)

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