Box Office Predictions: ‘Minions’ About To Destroy Prehistoric Emotions

Minions is tracking strong. It’s already opened overseas, where it has grossed 124M already. Last weekend, Terminator Genisys did well internationally, but not well domestically. Minions seems to not be following that same model. A really aggressive marketing campaign has put it front and center. Universal has had a really great year already, highlighted by Jurassic World, Furious 7, and Fifty Shades Of Grey. One more hit for them on their banner year.

Inside Out will take a little hit from it, but its still a “must-see” this summer, and attracting enough adults to stand out. Jurassic World will benefit from not overlapping too much with Minion’s audience.

Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL will both likely take 50% drops, possibly both more. This weeks other new entries, The Gallows and Self/Less aren’t tracking well. The Gallows may do better due to lack of current horror competition, and slightly better word of mouth. Self/Less isn’t getting good reviews, and is a hard sell in the middle of the summer. It feels more like a fall movie, and the high-concept film is likely to get crushed.

1) Minions- 100M Weekend, 100M Total
2) Inside Out- 18M Weekend, 283M Total
3) Jurassic World- 17M Weekend, 489M Total
4) Terminator Genisys- 13M Weekend, 67M Total
5) The Gallows- 12M Weekend, 12M Weekend
6) Self/Less- 8M Weekend, 8M Weekend
7) Magic Mike XXL- 7M Weekend, 43M Total
8) Ted 2- 5.5M Weekend, 71M Total
9) Max- 3.5M Weekend, 33M Total
10) Spy- 3M Weekend, 103M Total

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