‘Hannibal’ and ‘Forever’ Unable To Find New Homes

Hannibal’s creater Bryan Fuller tweeted that talks with Netflix and Amazon both fell through, and that Hannibal still is homeless. Unless Hulu steps up to the plate, I can’t see anyone else taking a risk on Hannibal. All the “edgy” networks don’t have a problem getting content. The only network I would urge to consider Hannibal would be Epix, which is relatively new, and just getting started in the “original series” area. Hannibal would be a good addition to their lineup, which is also a subscription service. They might even get a few more subscribers out of it.

Forever also failed to find a new home, which is less surprising. It could be considered “on brand” for USA, but USA doesn’t really save shows. They have their own branded content, and don’t need to mop up leftovers. I didn’t think Forever would find a home.

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