Unfinished Business

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson, James Marsden, Sienna Miller, Nick Frost, June Diane Raphael
Directed By: Ken Scott

Vince, you’re doing it wrong. Turn your career around, please. I’m actually a fan. I know people will roll their eyes at it, but I actually am a fan. Not a fan of this movie. It’s barely funny, only with a few jokes (and most of them come from MVP Dave Franco). Teaming up with the guy who let you down with Delivery Man is not really the way to go. You need to get back into your groove.

Work with Todd Phillips again. Work with Jon Faverau again. Something.

Unfinished Business is a largely unfunny comedy about a man who Jerry Maguire’s his way out of his company, taking with him only a man who was fired for being too old (Wilkinson) and a kid there for an interview (Franco). He builds his tiny new firm off screen, and we see him going up for a big bid… against his old boss. Somehow, they get into shenanigans during the business trip. A lot of stuff exists only to elicit laughs, and most of it doesn’t work. Dave Franco was hilarious though. His approach to the role… bottling up his eager energy really well, and playing a complete idiot. He’s the lone bright spot.

Somewhere in the film is a decent story, told poorly by director Ken Scott. There’s a film here about a guy who just wants to embark on his own so he can really spend more time with his family. That story is only sometimes told. Most of the time, we’re spent watching awkward jokes, like Tom Wilkinson getting high, random dick jokes, and pointless drug references.

I miss Vince Vaughn from Old School and Wedding Crashers. What happened to that guy? Hell, I’d even take Vince Vaughn from The Lost World.


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