Weekend Box Office: ‘Ant-Man’ Lowest Marvel Debut, ‘Trainwreck’ Passes Expectations

Ant-Man may have won the weekend, but it’s the lowest debut for a Marvel movie. There’s even talk that it might not hit 58M. It might fall short. Also, some people are going with the “sky is falling” routine for Minions. But it dropped 56% in Week 2. Not bad for a film that dropped over 100M in an opening weekend. Trainwreck also debuted strong for Judd Apatow.

The big news was that Mr Holmes made it into the top 10, with only 363 screens. The Ian McKellan flick had a 6,857PSA, which was higher than everything except the Top 3.

Next weekend, Pixels aims for #1, but will Paper Towns clean up? How will Southpaw do?

1) Ant-Man- 58.0M Weekend, 58.0M Total
2) Minions- 50.2M Weekend, 216.6M Total
3) Trainwreck- 30.2M Weekend, 30.2M Total
4) Inside Out- 11.6M Weekend, 306.3M Total
5) Jurassic World- 11.4M Weekend, 611.1M Total
6) Terminator Genisys- 5.4M Weekend, 80.6M Total
7) Magic Mike XXL- 4.5M Weekend, 58.6M Total
8) The Gallows- 4.0M Weekend, 18.0M Total
9) Ted 2- 2.7M Weekend, 77.4M Total
10) Mr Holmes- 2.4M Weekend, 2.4M Total
11) Bajrangi Bhajaan- 2.4M Weekend, 2.4M Total
12) Self/Less- 2.2M Weekend, 10.3M Total
??) Max- 1.9M Weekend, 37.9M Total
??) Spy- 1.5M Weekend, 106.6M Total
??) Amy- 1.0M Weekend, 4.1M Total
??) Avengers Age Of Ultron- 479K Weekend, 456M Total
??) Love and Mercy- 248K Weekend, 11.7M Total
??) Irrational Man- 188K Weekend, 188K Total (37K PSA)
??) Testament Of Youth- 126K Weekend, 1.3M Total
??) Infinitely Polar Bear- 113K Weekend, 798K Total
??) The Overnight- 51K Weekend, 1M Total
??) The Stanford Prison Experiment- 40K Weekend, 40K Total (20K PSA)
??) Boulevard- 27K Weekend, 32K Total

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