Teacher Of The Year

Starring: Matt Letscher, Keegan Michael-Key, Sunny Mabrey, Larry Joe Campbell, Brenda Strong, Jason and Randy Sklar
Directed By: Jason Strouse


It’s not a silly comedy, if that’s what you thought by looking at the marketing for this and thinking “Keegan Michael Key. Must be a comedy.” Its basically propaganda for supporting teachers more. Matt Letscher plays Teacher Of The Year Mitch Carter who is offered a chance to leave the school and make 150K a year lobbying for educators. Ultimately, due to the ineptitude of the Principal (Key), he decides he has to and the school loses its best teacher. A colleague of his is fired for “sexually assaulting” a student, but it turns out she just didn’t like her grade. It’s definitely propaganda, and it’s trying to pull your strings, but it does a decent job of being fairly entertaining propaganda. There are some comedic moments, mostly showing how inept some of the other teachers are compared to Carter.

I went in expecting a sub-par slapstick style comedy, and I got a dramady that wants you to take a moment out of your day and thank a teacher. Basically. Also, your child is probably a lying shit. Just so you know. Teacher Of The Year is now on Netflix.


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