Actor Profile: Anna Kendrick

Today, I was battling between doing a profile for Eric Bana, Melanie Griffith, or Anna Kendrick. I was just certain that Anna would fall short, but she beat the other two. All three met my basic qualification of 10 roles, but I didn’t want to do three profiles today. Gotta save some for future years. I’m surprised that Kendrick, who has had the shorter career, has been in the most roles. Even if I took out the 4 Twilight films, she’d still be ahead of the other two (for me). No, I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn pt 2. I never liked the Twilight films, and the fact that I’ve seen four of them already angers me.

The first film I saw Kendrick in, sadly, was Twilight. I caught Camp more recently, basically after already being a fan of Kendrick’s.

Her Oscar nominated turn in Up In The Air is probably still her strongest work, though she’s had several other really good turns in films like 50/50, The Last Five Years, and Into The Woods.

Oh, definitely as Becca in the Pitch Perfect franchise. If the giant leap in box office from #1 to #2 was any indicator, people love Pitch Perfect. Secondarily, she’s also known for her very minor role in Twilight, and also for her Oscar nominated role in Up In The Air.

She is actually really good in Pitch Perfect, but it’s usually written off as fluff. I’d co-nominate 50/50, a film for which Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets a lot of credit, but Anna Kendrick should get just as much.

I had heard good things about Rocket Science, but I haven’t seen it.

Oh, definitely the Twilight films. I understand she needs a paycheck, and Twihards are gonna be angry, but those are the worst films on her resume.

1) Camp (2003)
2) Twilight (2008)
3) Up In The Air (2009)
4) Twilight: New Moon (2009)
5) Twilight: Eclipse (2010)
6) Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010)
7) 50/50 (2011)
8) Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt 1 (2011)
9) ParaNorman (2012)
10) The Company You Keep (2012)
11) End Of Watch (2012)
12) Pitch Perfect (2012)
13) Happy Christmas (2014)
14) Cake (2014)
15) Into The Woods (2014)
16) The Last Five Years (2015)
17) Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
18) Get A Job (2016)
19) Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)

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