Weekend Box Office: Ethan Hunt Defeats The ‘Fantastic Four’

Four new releases couldn’t strike gold this weekend, as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation ended up in the top spot, defeating poorly reviewed Fantastic Four. Originally, Fantastic Four was tracking at 40M, but as more and more bad reviews trickled in and word of mouth from audiences hit (C- Cinemascore), Fantastic Four was doomed. Dr Doomed. One new release did surprisingly well, the critically acclaimed thriller The Gift, which earned a certified fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes of 92%. This weeks other critical darling, Shaun The Sheep sits at 99%, proving that not even critics can save a film void of dialogue.

Holdovers did well this week. Not a single film in the top 10 posted a decline over 48% (Pixels). It proved to be a catch up weekend mostly for audiences, and the holdovers all took advantage. Even Vacation, which could have been hit much harder, only dipped 37% in week two. Next weekend, how will new releases Straight Outta Compton and The Man From UNCLE affect box office? Compton has been screening for critics, and has done really well so far with a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Word of mouth has been key to the success of several films this year, with audiences sometimes waiting for word of mouth to hit before they go see a movie. Surprisingly, The Man From UNCLE doesn’t have reviews yet. Hopefully there isn’t a review embargo in place, because that didn’t work out too well for Fantastic Four.

1) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- 29.4M Weekend, 108.6M Total (7,372PSA)
2) Fantastic Four- 26.2M Weekend, 26.2M Total (6,558PSA)
3) The Gift- 12M Weekend, 12M Total (7,286PSA)
4) Vacation- 9.1M Weekend, 37.3M Total
5) Ant-Man- 7.8M Weekend, 147.4M Total
6) Minions- 7.4M Weekend, 302.7M Total
7) Ricki and the Flash- 7.0M Weekend, 7.0M Total
8) Trainwreck- 6.3M Weekend, 91.1M Total
9) Pixels- 5.4M Weekend, 57.6M Total
10) Southpaw- 4.7M Weekend, 40.7M Total
11) Shaun The Sheep- 4M Weekend, 5.5M Total
12) Inside Out- 2.6M Weekend, 335.3M Total
13) Jurassic World- 1.9M Weekend, 635.6M Total
14) Paper Towns- 1.4M Weekend, 28.8M Total
15) Mr Holmes- 1.3M Weekend, 12.8M Total
??) Irrational Man- 884K Weekend, 2.2M Total
??) The End Of The Tour- 253K Weekend, 428K Total
??) The Diary Of A Teenage Girl- 55K Weekend, 55K Total
??) Cop Car- 27K Weekend, 27K Total
??) A LEGO Brickumentary- 7K Weekend, 84K Total

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