Casanova (Pilot)

Starring: Diego Luna, Bojana Novakovic, Ben Daniels, Sarah Winter, Miranda Richardson

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone would make a Casanova TV series sooner or later. I’m not sure if Diego Luna is necessarily the right person for the job, but he handles the role rather well. Women seem to subject to him with nothing more than a glance from him. Hopefully, in future episodes, we’ll deal with STD’s, because there’s no way Casanova doesn’t have one by now.

Miranda Richardson is the most notable person in the supporting cast, which is one of the more lacking aspects of the series. When you’re putting a show on the shoulders of Diego Luna, you need a really well versed supporting cast that goes much deeper than Miranda Richardson. All the girls seem the same, except her… and really only because she’s obviously older, and has her own “occult-ish” storyline.

I’m intrigued by where this story will go for a full season. I feel like I could enjoy the progression, but I also worry that I could grow tired of this plot being stretched over such a long season. It’s right on edge for me. I didn’t love the pilot enough to immediately want to watch more, but I also kind of want to see where this goes. It’s like a first date, where there are some sparks, but not fireworks. I suppose, that’s appropriate for a show about Casanova.

If I were Amazon studios, I’m sure I would order a full season of this. There’s a lot of promise here. I can feel it beyond this pilot. Sometimes you invest in potential.


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