It came from NETFLIX: PeeWee’s Big Adventure


If you were born in the 80s, great chance is that you are extremely familiar with Pee Wee Herman. This familiarity within this age group is why he’s maintained a cult status for so many years. When I originally watched this film, I was disappointed with the fact that it didn’t include his famous TV playhouse. Upon another viewing, I realized that there was much more of an effort to include it then my child self admitted. Herman has a house filled with youthful gadgets and  novelty toys. Herman seems like a man child who is  barely capable of taking care of himself, but when you see the clever inventions and gadgets you dismiss his man child attributes as eccentricities. One might wonder if this individual is a lot smarter then he portrays and he may in fact be a genius. The same goes for the actor who plays Pee Wee, Paul Rubins. The Pee Wee character is a tribute to the kid’s shows of the 1950’s, and manages to satire modern society as well with the way others interact with Pee Wee. This comes across in his television show and even more so in this film. It’s no wonder why Rubins and Casandra Peterson struck up a friendship. Rubins’ pee wee character is very similar to Peterson’s Elvira character and even manages to appear in the film as a biker. As one of his early films, Tim Burton did a perfect job of assisting Rubins with parodying the 1950s style suburbs, which he did even more so later on in his career. If you’ve never seen big adventure I highly recommend but make sure you watch the series first. If you’ve see It before, give it another glance you’ll love it all over again!

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