Suicide Squad


While there are the hands full of negative reviews floating around was any of this negativity necessary? Upon watching the trailers one might expect to see Joker as a main component of the film especially after the last time we saw the Joker, who was immaculately portrayed by Heath Ledger. However, comparing Leto’s portrayals to Ledger’s would be apples to oranges to say the least. This new DC, Snyder saga exists within the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns universe.
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It Came From Netflix: A Very Murray Christmas

Anyone who remembers the humble beginnings of Netflix will remember that it was merely an alternative to blockbuster, very few would have imagined that it would have become something that would rival most networks. Like it’s network counterparts Netflix has ventured into original programing. One of these original programs is an absolute gem, A very Murray Christmas. This show takes the tired format of the holiday variety show and turns it on its head by making it a self aware parody in the vein of curb your enthusiasm. Murray plays a forlorn celebrity who is contractually obligated to star in … Continue reading It Came From Netflix: A Very Murray Christmas

It Came From Netflix: Nebraska

If you are just remotely interested in film of any sort, there’s a chance you’ve heard of this movie. It’s received numerous accolades and praise, however reviews like this usually drive me away from films rather then toward them. Eventually it was curiosity that moved me toward this movie so  I took a look, I’m extremely glad that I did. Nebraska starts off like a standard mumble core film much like something from the Duplass brothers.Unlike most mumble core films, once the viewer gets deep into this world, they discover that mumble core is a very limiting description of this … Continue reading It Came From Netflix: Nebraska

It came from Netflix: Danger 5

Recently it’s seems as though watching television is becoming a lifestyle. Before Netflix one would watch shows when they came on, now it’s required to binge watch. A lot of these shows are extremely dramatic and less like television shows and more like miniature movies that unfold over an exhausting amount of time, only to lead viewers toward a disappointing cliffhanger. I personally attempted to go with the flow and dabble in these bing worthy programs, however the stoic nature of said programs didn’t do much to hold my attention. Perhaps the stoic nature is in response to our current position … Continue reading It came from Netflix: Danger 5

Mykmedia’s advance review of 300: Rise of an Empire

It’s been quite a while since 300 came out, 2007 to be exact. What took so long? Director Zach Snyder has been waiting on Frank Miller to finish his follow up comic to base the film upon. While it was discussed Zach was still up to direct, but now he’s got his hands full with Superman projects. For this  he stepped back to become writer and producer. One thing I remember about the first film was that it felt very stiff and artificial in the hopes to replicate the look of a comic. This effect worked for some, and it was … Continue reading Mykmedia’s advance review of 300: Rise of an Empire

Mykmedia’s review of THE LEGO MOVIE

If you ask any parent or 30 something, they could tell you that Lego movies have been pushed to a point of  ad nauseam. For a company that’s been around just about as long as Disney , it really hit it’s stride  with licensed properties. People waited eagerly to find out what the next Lego property would be. Their recent games and movies never took themselves too seriously all the while slowly reminding us about these little blocks and little people which we used to play with as a kid. With this upswing it only makes sense that the company made … Continue reading Mykmedia’s review of THE LEGO MOVIE


If you haven’t seen the cult  film and you didn’t realize that Spike Lee remade it, then you’re in luck. This gritty revenge movie is buried in the library of Netflix, it might not come up right away but if you search for it you’ll find it. I was one of the few who hasn’t seen it but the ending was already ruined for me. I’ll spare you all because the conclusion of the film is one of the most gut wrenching moments in cinema. Overall it holds your attention very well, it has you constantly guessing and wondering in … Continue reading It came from NETFLIX: OLDBOY REVIEW

Attack on Titan episode 1 review by Mykmedia

If you’ve been anywhere near a computer for the last two months, most likely you’ll see mention of Attack on Titan. It’s the viral anime that’s been on everyone’s lips lately, my question was why? I had to investigate this. Was it all hype, some kind of fad or was there something else? I finally let my curiosity get the best of me, I finally sat down to watch Attack on Titan. The show starts off with cuts of people looking upwards only to lead the viewer to the image of a giant skinned hand bracing the city’s wall. This … Continue reading Attack on Titan episode 1 review by Mykmedia