Second Chance: Difficult People (Episode 3)

I’m trying to like this show. I feel like I’m supposed to. It would seem everyone else does, and it’s full of snark and pop culture references. But why isn’t it funny? After the first two episodes, I felt like there weren’t enough jokes to support a sitcom with two unlikeable leads. Difficult People has started to find its footing a bit more, working the supporting cast into their more regular roles, but I’m still not laughing. Billy and Julie just are not as funny. The third episode confused me too… it would seem that they’re playing themselves, as struggling comedians, yet I know who Billy Eichner is. Just because he’s playing “Billy Epstein” doesn’t mean it’s not based on his life.

In the third episode, Kate McKinnon briefly pops in as a bizarre sober magician, and John Benjamin Hickey as a potential love interest for Billy, who has a flaw. The episode still relies heavily on pop culture references and obnoxious snark. Aside from the fact that I think Difficult People is falling into place and finding its feet, I’m still not a fan. It never made me laugh. I love making fun of pop culture as much as the next person, but an entire sitcom based on it? I’d rather just watch The Soup.


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