Are The Networks Giving Up?

I’ve seen quite a few new stories today, all of which just baffle me. It’s leading me to wonder if the networks are starting to give up, and instead of actually trying to come up with new ideas, or find new stars… they’re just going to go back into their grab bag of wonders and hope that works.

NBC had some weird press announcement where they mentioned they were considering rebooting Alf. I’m not really sure why, because nothing quite says 80’s TV like Alf. But, in an era where Coach and Full House are scheduled to make comebacks next season, can they really be blamed by trying to mine another sitcom? But… Alf? There’s really nothing in this current landscape that says Alf would be what viewers want. There isn’t an Alf fanbase demanding a reboot online. Is Alf even playing in syndication?

When Girl Meets World was ordered, it came on the heels of Boy Meets World being incredibly popular in reruns on ABC Family, and having a fanbase that just would not let their memories die. When Girl Meets World happened, it was groundbreaking in many ways… yet it still happened on the Disney Channel. Not ABC. Not in primetime.

Since then, X-Files has gotten a reboot. Heroes. Prison Break. Full House. Twin Peaks. Coach. And now Alf? Not to mention they’re still trying to figure out how to reboot the original Law and Order.

Then comes another news bite from today that Will Smith is producing a reboot of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, a sitcom that was basically only successful because of Will Smith in the first place. How would that reboot even work, without Will actually returning to his own role. I suppose there’s a chance he might. I mean, Eddie Murphy shot the Beverly Hills Cop pilot, and Bradley Cooper is a recurring guest on the upcoming Limitless, so I suppose if the money is right… Will could be involved. But, honestly, are we out of ideas?

We must be, because the third news item from today is that there’s a Training Day TV show in the works. You know… that movie from 2001 where Denzel Washington angrily yells about his feud with King Kong? Or how about yesterday’s breaking news that The CW is developing a TV series based on The Notebook? Or how about FOX’s upcoming Urban Cowboy TV series?

And spinoffs. The fall season hasn’t even started yet, and Dick Wolf is already open to doing a fourth “Chicago” series. We’ve already got Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med. What would the fourth series be featured on? Chicago Ed? Chicago Vets? Chicago Cubs? Oh, and the CW is totally open to attempting to do ANOTHER Supernatural spinoff, despite the fact they haven’t followed through on the last two attempts.

And if that’s all too much for you, it is starting to bleed over onto cable, where HBO is seriously considering doing a Deadwood movie. Because they’re finally willing to listen to fans who have been demanding closure since 2006 (when the show was axed).

I suppose the question now is, when will the bubble burst? Probably not before the 2016-2017 season, which is looking to be filled with reboots, remakes, and TV adaptations galore. Your TV Guide lineup might have you wondering if you accidentally stumbled into a time vortex that sent you back to the mid-90’s, where you had to pick between watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Law and Order, Coach, and The Simpsons (which is still running after all these years).

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