Weekend Box Office: ‘Straight’ To #1, ‘The Man From’ Disappointment

The big news of the weekend is how well Straight Outta Compton did, beating everyone expectations. It even opened above 8 Mile. It’s the 6th highest opener for August, beating some heavy hitters like Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, and Rush Hour 3. It fell short of 5th place holder Signs. Pretty good for a film basically void of marketable stars. Of course, The Man From UNCLE came nowhere near setting records. Of course, this comes as another blow to star Armie Hammer, who failed to open The Lone Ranger. How many more films will he get an above the title on?

Aside from Fantastic Four, which dropped a disturbing 68% in Week 2, the holdovers did well. The Gift dropped 45%, Mission Impossible and Vacation each dropped 45%, Trainwreck dropped 38%, Pixels dipped 37%, Ant Man, Minions, and Ricki and the Flash all dropped only 30%, while Shaun The Sheep had an encouraging dip of only 29%.

Among the limited release films, Mistress America had an encouraging debut with a 23K per screen. The rest of the major indies are starting to lose steam. The End Of The Tour is already down to a 3K average, while The Diary Of A Teenage Girl dipped to 5K in week 2. Woody Allen’s Irrational Man is pretty much dead at this point, pulling in a per screen lower than even Jurassic World. Cop Car didn’t even hit 1K per screen.

1) Straight Outta Compton- 56.1M Weekend, 56.1M Total
2) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- 17M Weekend, 138.1M Total
3) The Man From UNCLE- 13.5M Weekend, 13.5M Total
4) Fantastic Four- 8M Weekend, 41.9M Total
5) The Gift- 6.5M Weekend, 23.5M Total
6) Ant-Man- 5.5M Weekend, 157.5M Total
7) Vacation- 5.3M Weekend, 46.8M Total
8) Minions- 5.2M Weekend, 312.9M Total
9) Ricki and the Flash- 4.5M Weekend, 14.6M Total
10) Trainwreck- 3.8M Weekend, 97.9M Total
11) Pixels- 3.4M Weekend, 64.5M Total
12) Shaun The Sheep- 2.8M Weekend, 11.1M Total
13) Southpaw- 2.4M Weekend, 45.6M Total
??) Inside Out- 2.0M Weekend, 339.3M Total
??) Jurassic World- 1.2M Weekend, 637.9M Total
??) Mr Holmes- 863K Weekend, 14.3M Total
??) Paper Towns- 605K Weekend, 30.4M Total
??) Irrational Man- 436K Weekend, 3.1M Total
??) The End Of The Tour- 399K Weekend, 938K Total
??) The Diary Of A Teenage Girl- 112K Weekend, 195K Total
??) Mistress America- 94K Weekend, 94K Total
??) Cop Car- 50K Weekend, 85K Total

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