Scream: Who’s The Killer?

There WILL Be Spoilers (and No, I don’t know who the killer is, just running down some theories I’ve found on the internet).

EMMA– I think we can definitely rule her out as a killer, although I’ve read a really cool fan theory that Emma is having a psychotic break because she’s the only one getting the phone calls, which would be fun… if she hadn’t been attacked with other people present in both the hospital and the bowling alley. So, she’d have to be having a psychotic split personality break and then convince someone else to join her.

MAGGIE– Again, there’s a strong fan theory that Maggie is the killer, also having a psychotic break, but then the scene where Maggie opens the heart in the box by herself… she wouldn’t remember doing that? And why would the psychotic side of her want to kill Emma? Her own daughter? Unlike Emma, who I can 100% rule out as the killer, I’m just gonna go 99% certain that Maggie is not the killer. So, 1%.

BROOKE– I love Brooke’s arc on the show. I really disliked her as a character in the first two episodes, but suddenly she grew on me. Now I’m rooting for her to live, something I never thought I’d see coming. Brooke has many reasons why she also cannot be the killer. 1) Would she actually have been strong enough to do that to Rachel? 2) Why would she have gone to the hotel room and tied herself up, plus she seemed like she was legitimately waiting for someone. 3) She obviously wasn’t the attacker in the bowling alley. 4) She just got her arm sliced. Chance of Brooke being the killer? I’ll give it a 1%.

MAYOR MADDOX– Brooke’s dad isn’t the killer, yo. There’s no way he just waltzed out to his car, put on the mask, and came back in and abducted Will. He might have killed someone else, but he’s not the one harassing Emma. If he was the killer, Branson would have died a long time ago for sleeping with his daughter. Guaranteed. Chance of killer: 1%

SHERIFF HUDSON– I can’t see any reason he’d be the killer. He couldn’t possibly have killed Riley, nor was he the attacker at the bowling alley. There’s a weak fan theory that he’s actually the brother of Brandon James, but he’s had this whole other life. Wouldn’t Maggie know who he was if he was actually the brother of Brandon James? Chance he’s the killer: 2%

NOAH– I really don’t see how they’ve structured Noah could make him the killer in the end. The fan theory is that Noah really did have blood on his hands, and the paint was just a distraction. Well, true, except Noah was part of the gang in the hospital, as well as the bowling alley. Some people found it creepy that he just showed up at the hospital, I just think he’s smart and figured out what was going on and didn’t want his friends going in alone. It’s possible that he could be the brains behind the operation, but in every interaction he’s had with every single character, I don’t know who that other character would be. He doesn’t seem to be keeping any secrets from anyone. Yes, he seems to be behind the operation to incriminate Branson, but he was also behind the operation to save Audrey. So that kinda cancels each other out. If he was really the killer, why would he work so hard to clear Audrey’s name? Chance he’s the killer: 3%.

EMMA’S DAD (KEVIN)– He just came back onto the scene. I suppose there’s a chance that they could explore this more in Season 2, and maybe he’ll seem more like a killer. I know so little about him as a person, it feels almost cheap for him to be the killer right now. Though, I can’t ignore the casting of Tom Everett Scott. Chance he’s the killer: 5%

AUDREY– Maybe it’s just because I like her so freaking much that I don’t want her to be the killer. She has no alibi for the first three killers, but she was actually the one who led the cops to the bowling alley. I’ve read every fan theory about her being good at manipulating people, but she wasn’t at the bowling alley. Sorry sportsfans. One fan pointed out “Why did the phone call she made to Emma in jail show up as Unknown Caller?” Well, because she was using her dad’s phone. Not her own. Remember? I’m not 100% convinced Audrey isn’t the killer, but I’m just kinda hoping she’s not. I really like her. Chance she’s the killer: 10%

KIERAN– There’s a fan theory that he’s working with his dad, and they’re both the killers. No. That’s dumb. Shut your face. Kieran has been conspicuously missing for a lot of the series, and they’ve done their best to remind you of Billy Loomis, but Kieran is truly an outsider. He clearly had both a mom and a dad, and has never brought up being adopted. Nor has his father. Plus, But, he really has no alibi for anything, except he wasn’t the attacker in the bowling alley. We haven’t been given enough reasons that he’s not the killer, except I just think he’s tons of misdirection. Chance he’s the killer: 12%

PIPER– I think her character is also a lot of misdirection, but she does fit a few bills. We know that her dad is dead (is her dad Brandon James?), and that she’s older than everyone else (so she could be the adopted daughter that Maggie gave away). She’s also really trying to be a buddy to Emma, likely to throw Emma off and make the reveal so much more explosive. She also doesn’t have any alibi’s. For anything. EXCEPT that she couldn’t have abducted Will, though… her head injury was kind of bullshit, and she looked like she could have done more to try and save Will when he was being abducted. I’d say there’s a decent shot she’s working as one of the two killers. Chance: 15%

JAKE– Could Jake be the killer? Could his stab wound, which he survived, be a fake out? Yes. Think about it. He was attacked, off camera. He could very well be working with someone, and the other person just made Jake look safe to all of his friends. Jake couldn’t possibly have killed Will, or Riley (because he and Will were off in the forest at the time), but he has no real alibi for anyone else. I suppose the thing lacking for Jake is motive at this point. Although, Jake is kind of a sociopath, and maybe he didn’t need a reason. Maybe, he just wants to see the city burn. Chance Jake’s a killer: 18%

BRANSON– I really like the fan theory that he changed his name to Branson to represent Brandon’s Son. It’s a rip off of the reveal in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, but it’s also a nice tip of the hat. It’s possible that he’s one of the killers, and that he’s being set up by the other killer to go down for it. I think Brooke’s attack was expertly timed to make Branson look even more guilty, knowing that Branson won’t incriminate himself in jail. That whole “Hello Emma” thing he does in the preview for next week is SO CREEPY. This could be another fake out like Audrey, but Branson has no alibis. For anything. If he was working with someone, who would he be working with? And that, my friends, leads me to the absolutely most interesting fan theory in my next choice, which is next. But, I think Branson could definitely be one of the two killers. Chance: 18%

TYLER– I gotta say, until I read some stuff on the internet, it hadn’t even occurred to me that Tyler might still be “in the game”. His kill was off screen, and he was in an excellent position to kill Nina. He could have faked his death, and been operating under the radar ever since. It’s interesting that someone was actually cast as Tyler who has had some TV experience, even though we’ve never really seen Tyler. Plus, there was a little quick drop about Tyler being adopted. He’s the only character in the show we actually KNOW is adopted, and now we know Emma has a half-brother/sister wandering around out there. The only thing about Tyler that I find disconcerting would be that the head they found in the hospital, Maggie mentioned they were trying to match dental records. So if it was a fake head, how would they be matching dental records? Unless Maggie is covering for Tyler, who she KNOWS is her son (another interesting theory), and doesn’t want to see end up like his father. There are so many really cool fan theories about Tyler. I know it’s a shot in the dark, which is why he’s not actually my top choice, but if they do this right… he could end up being a really awesome surprise at the end. Chance he’s the killer: 14% (I saved him for last in my list as a surprise, but he’s actually 4th right now on my list).

The thing about some of these killers is that because there are so many viable contenders with little to no alibis (Tyler, Branson, Kieran) that could possibly be working with someone with heavy alibis, we could be in for a really interesting reveal. I’ve grown to love Scream over the course of its run. It’s not a perfect show, but it’s got me engaged in watching a new episode each week (and actually being excited for it coming up). Two more episodes are left this season, and I think we’ll have an even better idea of who the killer is and isn’t after those two (though I don’t think we’ll get a reveal this season). At best, we’ll find out who ONE of the killers is, and then they’ll die before they can reveal who they were working with. That’s the best case scenario. It would also give us closure for Season 1, while also setting up a reason to watch Season 2.

The problem with Season 2 will be the lack of characters, unless they introduce some new faces (somehow) in Season 2. We’re going to get at least one more death this season, I’m betting, which will bring our list down some.

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