Community: Season 6

Starring: Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Jim Rash, Paget Brewster, Keith David

That’s got to be the end, right? I mean, that was a rough season, but it had a very rewarding season finale. In fact, I’m completely OK with that being the series finale. I’m definitely pissed at Donald Glover for not coming back. I mean, there was the opportunity for him to come back in a flash as part of one of the Season 7 pitches. I missed that we didn’t get a Troy and Abed moment at all in the ENTIRE FINAL SEASON. Fuck you Donald Glover. Yvette Nicole Brown came back for two episodes, and you couldn’t come back for one. Shame on you.

Season 6 is a very up and down season. I absolutely love Community. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I was a die hard fan. Every episode. Every season. Yes, EVERY season. I finally finished Season 6 (it’s hard to watch shit on Yahoo Screen when you don’t enjoy watching long form media on your computer), but I managed to do so. I loved a few episodes, but only a few. I thought the paintball episode even was down in quality from the others.

The best episodes: Laws Of Robotics & Party Rights, Grifting 101, Wedding Videography, and Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television. The show ended on a high note, with the gang mostly going their separate ways, and Jeff having to be OK with that. I loved that we even got some closure on the Annie or Britta front, as Jeff kinda/sorta chose Annie, but realized that Annie still had a lot of life ahead of her and he would just hold her back. But at least he had a moment to reveal his feelings for her.

I also loved a lot of the in jokes, like when Chang farted on the fourth season. That was great. I appreciated all the supporting characters who came back for at least a quick appearance, though I missed my requisite “Pop Pop” moment. In many ways, Leonard, Starburns, Neil, Todd, and Garrett were unofficial members of the group, and seeing them throughout the season made it a lot easier that we weren’t seeing other faves like Magnitude, or other recurring characters played by John Goodman, John Oliver, and Jonathan Banks.

I think Season 6 relied way too heavily on Abed, and Abed became more normal too (which ended up paying off great in the finale, and I’m OK with that), but not OK with so many episodes revolving around Abed filming something, or constantly being meta and acting like they were in a TV show. It’s cute when he does it every once in a while, but I guess without Troy to bounce ideas off of, Abed becomes a one-dimensional character. I missed Spacetime and Troy and Abed in the Morning.

As far as the “newbies” go, Frankie (Brewster) never really fit in, but that was also kind of her thing. Elroy (David) was way more entertaining than what Pierce had become in the 3rd and 4th seasons of the show. If there was a season 7 of the show (or a movie), I’d be fine with these two coming back. They don’t need to be the focus of anything, but I don’t think either hurt the show.

What probably did hurt the show was normalizing all the characters. I felt that Abed was more grounded than ever, but so was Chang. Chang should be batshit crazy, but they seem to have completely housebroken him. His one moment in Wedding Videography, where he saves the day, was perfect. I wouldn’t have changed it at all. But, everything else about Chang should have been rewritten. Also, I don’t need to see Dean Pelton constantly. He’s not part of the group, but somehow he felt like he was this season. Dean Pelton should have operated on the same level as Leonard and the others, and not so much as a member of the group.

An uneven ending to a rather extraordinary series. I’d recommend watching at least the four episodes above, especially if you’re a Community fan. I think they’re very much on message for what the series was as a whole.

I’m sad to see Community go, but I’m glad it ended the way it did.


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