Scream: One Episode Left, Who’s It Gonna Be?

Of course we’ll be left with a cliffhanger the next episode, but I felt like a lot of info was dropped in Episode 9, so here’s my updated chart as to the probability of who is likely to be the killer:

There WILL Be Spoilers

EMMA– There is no chance she’s the killer. At all. Moving on…

SHERIFF HUDSON– He couldn’t possibly have been at the bowling alley, nor did he kill Riley. He also HAD to follow up on the case, which would seem incredibly silly if he was the killer. There is literally no reason he would have needed to snoop around at all, nor any reason the attacker would have knocked him unconscious on camera. If he was part of the plan, the attack would have happened off screen. Chance he’s the killer? I’m officially dropping him down to 0%.

BROOKE– I keep looking back on the scene where Brooke is tied up, waiting to be seduced. I can’t actually imagine that she would do that, if she was the killer, and knew no one was coming, because her partner was off killing Riley. Plus, she couldn’t have been the attacker at the bowling alley. Is she even strong enough to lift Rachel? We’ve seen no signs that support any theory that Brooke is the killer. Plus, why would the killer trigger the webcam on her if they were working together, and why would she be legitimately creeped out? Why would she be trying to convince everyone that Branson is innocent, if it takes the heat off of her? It’s not like her and Branson are working together, because Branson wouldn’t have bothered to dress in the costume to
slice her arm. That’s pointless. I can’t think of a single reason Brooke is the killer. I’m demoting her to 0%.

MAYOR MADDOX– Unlike Branson, dude is still in jail. I think he’s just a red herring. And, he wasn’t even in this episode. It’s like he’s in the past. Forgotten about. Plus, turns out Brooke’s mother is actually alive. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. 0% chance.

MAGGIE– I don’t know why she would send herself the heart, or why she would harass her daughter unless she was having a psychotic break. And, since we saw the laptop on the table, we know that it’s possible she wasn’t the only one who knew he was about to case the lake. It’s possible that the killer was one step ahead. However, she’s really the only series regular who Hudson revealed his whereabouts to, so I have to leave her at 1%.

EMMA’S DAD (KEVIN)– I mean, he was just in one episode and then vanished. I don’t know why Tom Everett Scott was in the role, and it intrigues me. I’ll leave him at 2% for now. I’m taking some points away because they literally did nothing with him this episode. He’s already an afterthought.

JAKE– I’m demoting him a lot after this episode. Honestly, he seems legitimately worried about Brooke. I was also reminded that when the money went missing, his first reaction (when no one was around) was that Tyler took it. Either he’s working with Tyler, and he actually KNOWS Tyler is still alive, or he’s just a Jake-Ass. I’m beginning to think Jake is just a douchebag, but not necessarily a killer. 8%

NOAH– I’m beginning to grow suspicious of Noah. It’s clear that Noah and Audrey are not the team of killers. If one of them is the killer, the other one isn’t. But it would totally make sense for them to latch onto each other, because then they’re really latching onto the person who is making progress in the investigation. For example, Audrey revealed the footage of Kieran to Noah. From Audrey’s perspective, it could be another red herring to throw to Noah to get him to bite. From Noah’s perspective, he sees her cards on the table. Does she have real evidence? Or is she just barking up the wrong tree? Noah didn’t want to tell Emma about Kieran, which could mean Noah’s working with Kieran and trying to keep his cover. Kieran saved Noah from drowning in the beginning. I’m a bit more suspicious of Noah then in the past. Though, he clearly can’t be the solo killer, because he wasn’t the killer at the bowling alley. Chance he’s the killer: 8%

AUDREY– I’m buying her desire to find Rachel’s killer, and her anger at Emma for trying to trust Kieran. However, she almost comes across as jealous. Maybe Audrey is too possessive of Emma? It’s clear though that she wouldn’t be a solo killer as she was not at the bowling alley. It’s also probable she didn’t abduct Hudson, as her and Noah seemed to spend all day together. So if she is doing this, she’s not working along. She can’t be working with Noah, and Kieran wouldn’t make sense. Piper? 10%

KIERAN– Oddly enough, this episode made me believe Kieran isn’t the killer, because it spent so much time and energy trying to convince us he was. We’re not supposed to see the killer coming. Kieran had so many gut checks this episode. He was with Nina the night before the murder, Piper claims he visited Brandon’s mother, his dad is abducted, and he was late to the dance. He also has no alibi’s really for Riley’s murder, Will’s murder, Rachel’s murder, or really the bowling alley. Something feels off here. I suppose he could be the killer, but I still say we have bigger fish to fry. 10%

BRANSON– I wish I hadn’t seen Branson in the promo. His running up to the door and trying to get Brooke to let him in screamed so much of Billy getting stabbed in Scream. Plus, that was a LOT OF BLODO when he exited. Like, even if he had help… because he was abducted by the real killer… why is he now free? If he’s not the killer, why would the killer go in, kill everyone but Branson, and just let him loose? He could have just killed Branson in the cell. I suppose the killer wanted to buy more time? I dunno. I’m not convinced he’s not the killer yet. He has no alibis, really for anything. Plus, as Noah pointed out, Bran’s Son. He CHOSE Branson. Yes, he seemed genuinely perplexed by Emma’s visit. That’s why I’ve brought him down a little in my rankings. 13%

TYLER– I gotta say, I still think this dude is alive. His kill happened off screen. Always be weary of things that the a scary movie TELLS you happened rather than shows you. That head could have been fake, and he faked his own death in an inferno. Plus, he’s the only character revealed to have been adopted. That’s important, isn’t it? Also, it would make sense for him to be living in some random house down by the lake, because he’s supposed to be dead. He can’t just go home, can he? Since he’s never been on camera for more than a split second, he has no alibi for anything if he’s still alive. I think Tyler might come back and surprise us all. 15%

PIPER– Oh come on. Something wasn’t sitting right with her so she went back? Bullshit. I’ve had Piper in my sights for a while now, but I’m pretty positive she’s one of the killers. She got side checked by Hudson, who ends up getting attacked. She doesn’t really have a place to stay, maybe she invaded that house out by the lake. She has a good understanding of technology. She found Brandon’s mom. Her dad is dead. We know really nothing about Piper. It could have been her at the bowling alley. She also could have killed Nina. And Riley. And Rachel. And her watching Will get taken has always felt “off” to me. But I wasn’t certain until tonight, when a big reveal about Kieran was dropped, with no actual physical evidence. It’s just based on Piper’s words, and her trust that she’s been working to build with Emma. Lets face it, she’s been working HARD to build trust with Emma, moreso than any other character in the show except Will. And you could say, really, she used Will to get him into a situation where he’d be easy to get taken. Piper’s totally a killer. Is she doing it alone, or does she have help? That’s the question. She’s been in the police station a lot, and could have easily hacked Hudson’s security, and she knew the layout well enough to be able to break Branson out. Chance she’s the killer: 33%.

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