Lucifer (Pilot)

Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Rachael Harris, DB Woodside, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley Ann Brandt

I don’t understand why networks don’t leak their pilots on their own. I mean, at least put them on Hulu or something to get the word out. If you know you’re sitting on a great show, then leak the pilot and get the word out. Honestly, I was indifferent to the idea of Lucifer as a TV show. I read the idea, saw the cast, and just got bored. I figured it was something just destined to be cancelled. Honestly? I hope not. Lucifer is great and has a ton of potential.

I saw the pilot no one is apparently supposed to see, before Kevin Alejandro joined the cast. I really enjoyed it. I think Tom Ellis is a breakout star. Last year, we tried to make Constantine happen, but the star lacked charisma, the story was dull, and the whole show just really ended up not working. Lucifer is way more fine tuned than that. Not a perfect pilot, but it actually has me quite hopeful for the direction of the series. I’d watch Episode 2 right now. No questions asked. And that’s what a pilot should do.

The plot revolves around Lucifer (Ellis) leaving Hell after being tired of torturing souls for all of eternity. His brother (Woodside) keeps trying to get him to go back to Hell. Apparently, his leaving is causing chaos. But, Lucifer won’t budge. He refuses to leave Earth. After a friend of his is murdered, he ends up meeting a detective (German), who just might end up changing Lucifer for good. For the bible thumpers out there just waiting to protest this show, you should probably note that I believe the intention of Lucifer is to actually redeem him. I actually think what Lucifer is seeking is redemption, and to no longer be the abused brother who got shafted to rule hell. It’s baby steps at first, but once he has a taste of being a “do-gooder”, you can tell that’s what the direction of the series will be. So, no, this is not a devil worshipping show. It’s probably not good wholesome family entertainment, but I think the idea that anyone can be forgiven for their sins could be extended even to Lucifer.

Sure, he’s not going to clear his slate in one season, so it’s more like a planned over the course of the series type of thing, but I have a feeling that’s the direction of the show. And Lauren German as his foil is really good. She was underutilized on Chicago Fire, and now she has a chance to really be a dynamic character. She’s stepping out from being lost in an ensemble, to really being a leading lady. She’s as good as Stana Katic is on Castle, which is part of the reason I have such high hopes. Lucifer really is just another take on the formula already being used by Castle, Bones, and the late Forever. It probably has most in common with Forever, adding the supernatural factor to it, but it’s a formula that really needed a change-up in order to continue working. Lucifer is the change-up this sub-genre needed.

I’m telling you, this is the first pilot I’ve seen of the new crop, and if even a few of the new shows are on this level, we’ve got a great season ahead of us. FOX shouldn’t hide this. Put this out in front. Word of mouth will build, I guarantee it. Honestly? I think its better than Daredevil.


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