My New Years Resolution: Catching Up On 25 Classics

I’m not a perfect film critic. I try to watch as many films as I can, and my time is largely spent watching new releases. But, in 2016, I am vowing to get back and watch some classics that I haven’t gotten to see yet. I’ve only seen 131 of the IMDB Top 250. That number always changes each year, obviously, as the films on the list are constantly changing. But, my New Years resolution is to finally catch up on some that I should have seen a long time ago.

1) The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
2) American History X
3) The Pianist
4) Apocalypse Now
5) The Shining (A film I actually have seen part of, but never in its entirety. I believe I caught it on TV once, when it was already in progress)
6) Aliens (the only film in the saga I haven’t seen, oddly enough)
7) Amelie
8) Requiem for A Dream
9) To Kill A Mockingbird
10) Full Metal Jacket
11) The Apartment
12) Unforgiven
13) Chinatown
14) Casino (another film I haven’t seen in its entirety. Finally going to sit down and do it this year)
15) Trainspotting
16) Dial M For Murder
17) Network
18) Stand By Me (yet another I know I’ve seen part of, but not the whole thing)
19) Annie Hall
20) The Terminator (the only Terminator I haven’t seen yet)
21) Dog Day Afternoon
22) The Hunt
23) Lawrence Of Arabia
24) The Great Escape
25) On The Waterfront

It takes a lot for me to admit that I haven’t seen those classics, but I do hope to rectify that situation this year. Of course, I’m sure new films will pop up on the list, and my total will either grow or shrink based on that, without me needing to even do work, but I’d like for my number to be higher than 131 next year.

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