Will It Or Won’t It: The TV Renewal Dilemma

If i didn’t talk about it, it’s already been renewed, cancelled, or hasn’t premiered yet.
American Crime- It’s kind of a prestige show for ABC, and one they get to hold till Midseason in case a show doesn’t work out. Honestly, I think ABC is going to go with a third season, even though ratings are meh.
Castle- They bothered to hammer out a deal with Nathan Fillion to return, so I’m betting they’ll pick Castle up for a shortened final run. A final season without Stana Katic will kill the show whether they intend to or not.
The Catch- Will be cancelled.
Dr Ken- It has a small chance, but ABC has a lot of pilots it could put in before investing in a long term future for a show that’s just doing so-so. It’s more likely they’ll continue to stand by Last Man Standing, and axe Dr Ken.
The Family- It did OK, mostly in DVR. This is truly a bubble show that will come down to the pilots. In the end, I think ABC won’t be moving forward with The Family. Sorry, fans.
Galavant- It’s two and done.
Last Man Standing- A solid ratings performer on Fridays. It’ll get another season.
Agent Carter- Regardless of whether or not they pick up Most Wanted, Agent Carter won’t be coming back for a third cycle.
The Muppets- What was once a sure-fire hit turned into one of the seasons biggest disappointments. They already tried a reboot, and it didn’t work out. Cancel.
Nashville- It would be odd to cancel Nashville at this point without some kind of a short-run to wrap up the show. They’ve been committed to it thus far, and I think it will wind up with some kind of an episode order for next season.
The Real O’Neals- Somewhat buzzy. I expect ABC to pick this up.

Code Black- I can’t see CBS picking up this struggling medical drama. They have too many buzzy pilots.
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders- Maybe? It might snag a midseason slot.
CSI Cyber- No.
Life In Pieces- They can’t renew ALL of their comedies. Something has to go so Kevin James and Matt LeBlancs comedies have places in the lineup.
Limitless- Another strong maybe. I could see CBS bringing this back, but I can also see them cancelling it. A tossup.
The Odd Couple- After surprising in its return, and Matt LeBlanc joining the network, I think this just slid into a third season.
Rush Hour- Definitely cancel.
Supergirl- CBS will renew this.
Undercover Boss- Oddly not renewed, but it doesn’t need a timeslot. Could be a good space filler.

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader- Another good spot filler. Renew.
Boom!- I literally forgot this existed. Not a good sign.
Bordertown- Definitely getting cancelled.
Cooper Barret’s…- Who cares, cancelled.
Grandfathered- Many are saying it will come down to Grandfathered OR The Grinder. I actually think FOX will renew both.
The Grinder- See above. I think both have their merits, and both struggling sitcoms will get another season to prove their worth.
Hell’s Kitchen- Will be renewed.
Masterchef Junior- Will be renewed.
Minority Report- This hasn’t been cancelled yet?
Second Chance- Will not get one.
Sleepy Hollow- Oddly enough, was once a long shot, now is a tossup. Still, something tells me Fox has better pilots, and will let sleeping dogs lie.
The X-Files- I can’t imagine we won’t see another limited run next spring.

The Carmichael Show- Too buzzy to cancel.
Crowded- Will be axed.
Game Of Silence- Will be silenced.
Heartbeat- Has no pulse.
Hollywood Game Night- Will be renewed. A good spot filler.
Mysteries of Laura- Should get a third season.
Telenovela- Probably cancelled.
Truth Be Told- No lie, this is getting cancelled.
Undateable- A huge toss up. I think NBC will give it a third season, because they just lack so much in terms of comedy right now.

The CW:
Containment- Slightly too early to tell, but probably cancelled. It seems like an afterthought.

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