Box Office Predictions: Three New Releases Vie For #1

Pretty much everything this summer has disappointed except Captain America. Ninja Turtles opened under, Neighbors 2 disappointed, Alice flopped. So we have two sequels now, and a franchise tentpole. Warcraft has been getting terrible reviews, yet it has been lighting up overseas. How will it do here? Now You See Me 2 isn’t getting great reviews, and is likely to open below the original. The Conjuring 2 is the only one looking strong headed into the weekend. Can it hit #1?

The first Conjuring was a runaway hit. 41.8M on opening weekend. Lets just say that the virus affecting all the other movies hits Conjuring 2, so it fails to match the opening of the others, I still think it can beat Warcraft. The good reviews for Conjuring 2 will be enough to bolster it over the poor reviews for Warcraft. Warcraft, I think will beat out Now You See Me 2, which will open below the 29.3M the original had. TMNT2 will dip over 50%, and X-Men will continue its freefall. Me Before You and Angry Birds likely won’t drop over 50%, neither will Captain America: Civil War.

Next week, Finding Dory looks for a 100M opening, and Central Intelligence hopes that the combo of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson brings in an audience.

1) The Conjuring 2- 30M Weekend, 30M Total
2) Warcraft- 25M Weekend, 25M Total
3) Now You See Me 2- 22M Weekend, 22M Total
4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2- 15M Weekend, 60M Total
5) X-Men Apocalypse- 12M Weekend, 137M Total
6) Me Before You- 11M Weekend, 37M Total
7) Angry Birds- 7M Weekend, 98M Total
8) Alice Through The Looking Glass- 6M Weekend, 61M Total
9) Captain America: Civil War- 5M Weekend, 397M Total
10) Neighbors 2- 3M Weekend, 53M Total
11) The Jungle Book- 3M Weekend, 352M Total
12) Popstar- 2.5M Weekend, 9M Total

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