Get A Job

Starring: Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick, Bryan Cranston, Nicholas Braun, Christopher Mintz Plasse, Brandon T Jackson, Marcia Gay Harden, Bruce Davison, Jorge Garcia, John C McGinley, Alison Brie, Greg Germann, Cameron Richardson, Jay Pharoah, Marc Maron, John Cho
Directed By: Dylan Kidd

5% on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t really a fair representation of this film. No, it’s not a great film, but if you got 5% on a test, you’d feel a lot worse than a 75%. That’s why I prefer letter grades, because there’s a huge difference between a C and and F. Get A Job is not a good film, but it’s an OK film. I don’t hate myself for having seen it, nor do I hate anyone for having done it. It’s a fairly average film, where some of the jokes land, and some of the jokes don’t.

I suppose you could be angry at the wasted talent, because this film has an incredibly talented cast. But, it does have something to say about this generation and their unpreparedness for real life. Teller and his friends are dreamers, and underachievers. Kendrick is probably the one achiever in the core group, alongside Cranston, who plays Teller’s father. I actually thought the cast did a good job with their roles. Teller is great playing cocky roles, and the supporting cast is great around him.

Alison Brie felt wasted. Her whole character seemed pointless. I love Alison Brie, but even I had no idea why her character was in the film. Some of it is far fetched. The whole big scene near the end with Cranston is silly and would never work in real life.

My bigger problem with the film is that this team of slackers all seem to fix their problems without really changing a lot. It’s like the film is saying, its OK to be a slacker and smoke weed all day, but every once in a while you should accomplish something. In real life, you have to work a bit harder than that. Teller is the only one who really makes a change in the film, and he throws his change away at the end because… well.. his boss is kind of a bitch.

I’m not sure this got a theatrical release, but it should have. It’s not a bad film, and that 5% is not representative of its actual quality. I’ve seen a lot worse this year, and last year. If you’re looking for something to rent at Redbox, and you’re saying “I like that cast”, then you might find this not a bad use of 90 minutes.


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