Top Gun Maverick

Where I Watched it: Paramount Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes Legacy sequels are all the rage now. Nostalgia is a business by itself, convincing people to continue to buy into a franchise they once loved, with mixed results. When the world found out that Tom Cruise was moving forward on the long awaited Top Gun sequel, it just felt like more of the same. like it was Jamie lee Curtis returning to Halloween, Neve Campbell returning to Scream, or the Sanderson Sisters casting spells again for hocus Pocus. It’s still a trend that is carrying on into 2023 as … Continue reading Top Gun Maverick

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 2nd

One of these shows had a trigger warning. Find out which one below! It’ll be a fun mystery until you get there. 1) The Sandman (Netflix) English Audio Description?: Yes We are getting into the meat of the show. Rose has some real power, as shown in this episode. Dream is becoming a problematic protagonist as you don’t always root for him, because his life choices are largely out of touch. So, Rose has taken over, and she’s going to get her brother back. But that seems to be a challenge, as the Corinthian has taken him to a serial … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 2nd

The Too Much TV Roundup- July 24th

I finally got around to starting a few new shows, as well as getting back into Evil (so I’m a little behind this season). But with the new shows, which one managed to top the list? 1) The Orville (Hulu) English Audio Description Available?: Yes Well, I rarely head with a spoiler warning, but we need to talk about this Season premiere. First, it’s been a minute since we’ve had the pleasure of the crew from The Orville after it moved to hulu. Covid delays and such. I’m actually surprised at the amount of people I know watching this. I … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- July 24th

Spider Head

Starring: Miles Teller, Chris Hemsworth, and Jurnee Smollett. Directed By: Joseph Kosinski Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: Yes Description Provided By: Deluxe Description Written By: Rachel Koehler Narrated By: Leslie Siemen The Plot: Instead of going to jail, select convicts are given the opportunity to go to a remote Spider Head facility and be human test subjects for drugs that could change the world. Or, maybe something more nefarious? Of course, it’s something more nefarious. What Works: Not much. I thought the acting from miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett, while neither at their peak, was sufficient. … Continue reading Spider Head

The Too Much TV Roundup- June 12th

Admittedly, I’m still catching up on TV shows. Very much so. 1) Girls5Eva (Peacock) English Audio Description: Yes Peacock is on thin ice with me right now. They don’t actually have enough returning shows to get hyped over, as they have a rather small roster. the fact that Girls5Eva hasn’t been already renewed in a multi-season deal is insane. This is the funniest show on any platform. I know Emmy voters aren’t watching, but you should be. The second episode of Season 2 featured Wiki trying to hide one of her feet, because only one of them is perfect apparently. … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- June 12th