Starring: Josh Duhmael, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Malin Akerman, Alice Eve, Julia Stiles, Glen Powell, Byung-hun Lee, Chris Marquette
Directed By: Shintaro Shimosawa

So, Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins decided they would go and make a terrible movie. It’s an odd choice, but I guess they needed the money? I mean, they’ve both done a ton of great work, so we can forgive them. And honestly, most of the acting in this film is the saving grace of what would otherwise be an absolutely terrible film. The best thing about the film was the score, prepared by Vanessa Garde. It’s sad when the best thing about a film with these actors is the music in the background.

The plot of the film is pretty much complete bullshit. Duhmael plays a lawyer who has an ex-girlfriend (Akerman) who leaks info about her rich boyfriend (Hopkins). Plot twists ensue. I’ve read some people who say it feels like a 90’s thriller, but I think it just feels lazy. This is nothing like The Firm or The Client. It’s not even close.

Let’s talk about the acting for a minute. Josh Duhamel actually does a good job. I wish he was given more film roles, because he shouldn’t be stuck with shit like this as his only offers. I’m betting there was a point where he was offered this film, knew the script was terrible, but was just happy to be getting the lead role for once. Anthony Hopkins sleepwalks through a rather easy role, and Al Pacino chews the scenery so at least he can have some fun. Malin Akerman is someone I don’t expect much from in a dramatic role, and I didn’t get much. The truly awful performance in the film comes from Alice Eve who is so bad in this film, it might kill her career. She lacks any real connection to anything happening on screen, and fails to convey any true emotions in her role. She sleepwalks through most of the film, presumably because she was told she was playing a woman who lost her child, but it doesn’t come across as grief so much as apathy for everything going on around her. She never has a meaningful connection with Duhmael, or anyone.

In supporting role, Julia Stiles and Glen Powell both do solid work. I can’t quite fail this film because I thought some of the actors did good work, and I did really love the score. But the script is terrible, and the direction is awful. It’s a film that’s far too long, far too boring, and far too stupid to ever recommend to anyone. It should be instantly forgotten about. The twist at the end is not worth it.


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