Friday Box Office: ‘Dory’ Towers Over Newcomers Over The Long Weekend

It looks as though The Legend Of Tarzan isn’t quite the huge flop some were predicting it to be. of course, 43M over the July 4th weekend doesn’t seem to be enough for some people, but for a film starring Alexander Skarsgard, I don’t really know what they were expecting. Sure, the film has a huge budget, but there had to be someone who said this film wasn’t going to make 200M domestic. Then the reviews came in, and now the film sits at 34% on Rotten Tomatoes. Yet, it still managed 43M despite not having the critics support. It also was supposed to only do in the low 30’s over the 4 day weekend, so it’s ahead of expectations. Also, it has an A- cinemascore. So, fuck the haters. This film is doing good business.

Also doing good business is The Purge: Election Year, which has proved that this franchise still has a lot of life left in it. It has managed an impressive B+ cinemascore, which is typically really good for a horror film, and certainly will cause a fourth Purge film to be greenlit. It’s the least expensive of the three new releases, so there’s only upside here.

The BFG on the other hand is a disappointment. It challenged Finding Dory for family audiences and lost. However, it has managed an A- on cinemascore, and a 72% from critics, so it might have long term box office promise. Still, the film cost 140M to make, and there’s no way it’ll do that domestically. Of course, Tarzan cost 180M, and there’s no way it’ll make that, but if Tarzan ends up with 120-130M domestic versus The BFG winding up with 60-70M, one film will be perceived as a much bigger flop. We will just have to see what they do overseas. If Tarzan can manage Warcraft-like business, it’ll be one of the few bright spots of the summer. Decent domestic box office coupled with strong overseas box office and it’ll be a win. The BFG would need to make over 150M overseas in order to start being discussed as a hit at this point.

Independence Day: Resurgence is a failure. No doubt there. It has a budget of 165M, which it won’t make back, plus it gets measured against the original, which grossed 306M domestically and 817M worldwide. Right now, the sequel has 115M in foreign territories, and a worldwide of 176M. After this weekend, it will have broken 200M worldwide, for sure, but it is nowhere near striking distance of the original.

Central Intelligence is a solid hit, as it is coming close to 100M domestic. Films like this have limited foreign potential, so the majority of its grosses will come from domestic box office. Still, the budget was only 50M, so it is safely in the green.

1) Finding Dory- 13.4M Friday, 53.4M 4 Day Weekend, 383.7M Total
2) The Legend Of Tarzan- 14M Friday, 43M 4 Day Weekend, 43M Total
3) The Purge 3- 14.5M Friday, 37.7M 4 Day Weekend, 37.7M Total
4) The BFG- 7M Friday, 24.4M 4 Day Weekend, 24.4M Total
5) Independence Day: Resurgence- 4.7M Friday, 19.7M 4 Day Weekend, 75.9M Total
6) Central Intelligence- 3.7M Friday, 15.2M 4 Day Weekend, 94.6M Total
7) The Shallows- 3M Friday, 11.3M 4 Day Weekend, 37.6M Total
8) Free State Of Jones- 1.2M Friday, 5M 4 Day Weekend, 16.1M Total
9) The Conjuring 2- 1.2M Friday, 4.5M 4 Day Weekend, 96M Total
10) Now You See Me 2- 871K Friday, 3.7M 4 Day Weekend, 59.4M Total
11) Swiss Army Man- 531K Friday, 2.4M 4 Day Weekend, 2.6M Total

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