The Do-Over

Starring: David Spade, Adam Sandler, Paula Patton, Nick Swardson, Kathryn Hahn, Matt Walsh, Renee Taylor, Sean Astin, Luis Guzman, Natasha Leggero, Catherine Bell, Michael Chiklis
Directed By: Steven Bell

Netflix continues to give Adam Sandler money to make movies with his friends. I will say, The Do-Over is marginally better than The Ridiculous Six. I’m not sure how well this movie would have done in theatres, but it probably would have bombed. At least he’s done making Grown Ups sequels. I suppose that’s the bright side.

Sandler plays Max, who may or may not be a spy. Probably not, because he’s Adam Sandler, but the film wants you to think he might be. David Spade at least plays a bank manager, so he’s in a believable role. Max fakes their deaths, and they assume new identities. Of course, the new identities they assume are wanted men, and a buddy action movie ensues.

Paula Patton deserves better. Is she just not being offered roles? And if so, why not? She’s a fantastic actress when actually challenged. She shouldn’t be doing Sandler Netflix movies. She should see “Starring David Spade” and be able to turn that shit down. “Oh, Nick Swardson is in this? I’m gonna pass.” I mean, Spade and Swardson literally can’t get work outside of Sandler films, so that should be her first clue. I also don’t know what Michael Chiklis was doing in this. His role is so minor, I don’t know why they bothered to even hire him.

I have to take points away for Sandler’s continued homophobic undertones. Gay characters aren’t there for your amusement. Not that Sandler cares. He’ll keep getting money, and keep making dumb movies.


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