Actor Profile: Joan Allen

Today is Joan Allen’s birthday. She turns 60. Wow. She doesn’t look 60. Talk about aging well. She looks amazing for 60. Pleasantville was the first thing I actually saw her in? I remember seeing Pleasantville, and I knew who she was, and I didn’t realize until now that I actually hadn’t seen anything of hers before that. To be fair, I almost included The Ice Storm on the list, but I caught only part of that movie on cable, and I didn’t feel comfortable including that as a movie that I had seen. I know I’ve seen some of it, but I don’t think it was even half the film.

She’s been really good in a few films. I thought she was terrific in Pleasantville, but I think she was even better in The Contender, for which she was nominated. Honestly, she should have been nominated for Pleasantville as well.

She doesn’t really do “iconic”, but she’s probably best known to women everywhere because of The Notebook. Guys probably recognize her from the Bourne franchise.

I’m going to go with Upside Of Anger, because it was a smaller film, and I think its an oft-forgotten performance of hers, but it was a really great role for her. In many ways, it brought what was so great about her roles in Pleasantville and The Contender together.

I haven’t seen Nixon, and she was nominated for an Oscar for that.

This is tough, because I’ve actually enjoyed her entire catalog of films. I’m sure I actually haven’t seen her worst performance, which I’m certain came before 1998, but off this list I’m stuck with picking Death Race, because its the weakest movie of the bunch. I enjoyed Death Race. It’s not a terrible film. It’s OK. And because it is just OK, it gets saddled with the title.

Roles/Movies I’ve Seen:
1) Pleasantville (1998)
2) The Contender (2000)
3) The Notebook (2004)
4) The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
5) The Upside Of Anger (2005)
6) The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
7) Death Race (2008)
8) Hachi (2009)
9) The Bourne Legacy (2012)
10) The Killing (2014)
11) A Good Marriage (2014)
12) Room (2015)
13) The Family (2016)

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