Pitch (Pilot)

Starring: Kylie Bunbury, Mark Paul Gosslear, Ali Larter, Michael Beach, Tim Jo, Mark Consuelos, Dan Lauria, Bob Balaban, Mo McRae, Jack McGee

It’s one of the fall’s most highly anticipated shows. It’s also Dan Fogelman’s (This Is Us) other pilot. Is he gonna go 2-2? I think this is one drama that will go the distance.

Ginny Baker (Bunbury) has been called up to the big leagues. First female to play Major League Baseball. It’s Jackie Robinson 2.0. All these little girls look up to her. Can she handle the pressure? Is she ready, or is she a gimmick? Let’s just say, a girl doesn’t make the majors without some talent. There are a lot of flashbacks as to how she got where she is now, but I don’t know if that’s just for the pilots sake, or if flashbacks will be used a lot in future episodes. And, like This Is Us, the pilot packs a twist at the end hidden from the promos. I won’t spoil it.

Kylie Bunbury is great, and believable in her role. She’s not carrying the weight of the show on her shoulders. She has an incredibly likeable supporting cast, led by Mark Paul Gosslear as the team captain. Larter is a boss as her agent, totally in control of every scene she’s in. And it was also nice seeing solid supporting players like Dan Lauria and Jack McGee rounding out the cast.

I’m hopeful that this series won’t give her a love interest immediately, and allow her to be a strong role model like she is for the girls in her show. While CBS produced six new shows with white males, FOX has countered with one of the most diverse and daring new shows of the fall. We need this show on TV. I’m on board for Pitch. Are you?


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