Easy (Episode 1-3)

Starring: No one. This is an anthology series.

Joe Swanberg, who likes to create very average everyday films, has created an average everyday TV show. It’s supposed to help you relate, but in an anthology format, it doesn’t really work.

I actually didn’t mind the first episode, which featured a married couple trying to have sex around their kids lives (and their own busy lives). I liked the characters, and then they disappeared. Then I realized I was watching an anthology series. So, I sat through the second episode. It featured a lesbian couple with one girl trying to change herself to match her new partner. It was OK. The third episode is about an expectant father brewing beer in his garage. I honestly didn’t care.

And that’s sad, because the third episode featured Dave Franco, who I actually like. Sadly, he wasn’t the lead. Each episode has no connection to the other, which makes it hard to grade because it’s possible that later episodes are good. Or, it’s possible that they suck. I only actually liked the first episode. So I’m not hopeful that there’s more than 1 or 2 good installments across the season.

Joe Swanberg is a divisive talent, but I appreciate what he’s doing. Mumblecore is good, when done by the right people telling the right stories. It gives a real take, and the dialogue feels more conversational. The problem is with an anthology series, you have 30 minutes to care about a character. And two episodes happened where I didn’t care about anyone in the episode.

A little bit of a misfire for Netflix, but at least its a creative misfire. Keep pushing boundaries.


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