How To Be Single

Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Allison Brie, Anders Holm, Jake Lacy, Damon Wayans Jr, Nicholas Braun, Jason Mantzoukas, Colin Jost
Directed By: Christian Ditter

Plot: Tells the story of four different women trying to navigate through being single in New York. Alice (Johnson) has just taken a break from her boyfriend (Braun) to try and “find herself”. Her sister (Mann) is a doctor who doesn’t believe she needs a man or a baby to be happy. Her best friend, Robin (Wilson) seems to have being single down pat. Lucy (Brie) is trying to fin her perfect match through online dating.

What Works: This film was awfully marketed. I avoided this in theatres because it looked like some low-quality chick flick trying to be a raunchy Hangover style comedy. It’s actually not that at all. the film isn’t super crude or anything, but tries to land more meaningful moments instead. It does this with a really talented ensemble cast. Leslie Mann is pretty much perfect in everything she does. I was pleasantly surprised by a film I assumed was a waste of time, and ended up to be one of the better films I’ve seen this year. I can tell this is based off a book, because it has a better plot structure than it needed.

What Doesn’t Work: Rebel Wilson can be a bit much. She’s best used in small doses, and here she’s given a bit too much exposure. Who ends up with who is a bit too predictable, but it all works out the way you want anyway.

Final Word: Surprisingly worth your time. I’m not sure if this is a chick-flick classic, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if this caught on and became a thing.

Final Grade: B+

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