Starring: Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas, Gus Halper, Danny Flaherty, Jake Picking, Brock Yurich, James Franco
Directed By: Andrew Neel

Plot: A dark look at hazing in fraternities as a younger brother (Schnetzer) struggles to pledge the same fraternity as his older brother (Jonas), despite being put through some terrible shit during hell week.

What Works: Schnetzer gives a strong performance as Brad. He stands out among the cast. I appreciate the work Jonas puts out, and it’s a good start for him as an actor, but he still lacks some emotional depth.It’s really Schnetzer who anchors the film, giving his character and the film the gravitas needed. The film is pretty intense in its depiction of hell week stuff.

What Doesn’t Work: Aside from Schnetzer and Jonas, the rest of the cast is just doing generic frat boy work. It’s hard to distinguish them apart. There’s the slightly more unhinged one, the preppy one, the fat one… it’s like trying to figure out which fish you want from a tank. You might be able to tell the difference on a few of them, but most of them look exactly alike.

Final Word: A very dark film with not a lot of hope. It’s a pretty good attack on hazing though, and might change some minds in the end. If anything, it should get Schnetzer some better, more high profile roles.

Final Grade: B

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