Friday Box Office: ‘Split’ Explodes, ‘XXX3’ Just Does OK

Split has managed to do even better than expected, showing that Shyamalan still has power at the box office. The film has also managed a B+ cinemascore, which is really good for a film of this genre. Of course, what do Cinemascores even matter anymore? I mean, look at Patriot’s Day which has an A cinemascore. It is still bombing, despite having “word of mouth”.

And while it may not have opened well, XXX3 has an A- cinemascore, which could help it in the long run. Again, that’s assuming that Patriot’s Day hasn’t killed the cinemascore.

The Oscar films are all looking at getting bumps next weekend. The more nominations, the bigger the bump. Of course, a few key nominations can also boost, without getting really any technical nods.

Of course, a few films bombed too. 20th Century Women isn’t clicking in wide releases. Without Oscar nominations, this film is toast. So is the Founder, which isn’t faring much better. The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone was supposed to tap into the faith based group, but it looks like that audience is all tapped out.

1) Split- 14.6M Friday, 34M Weekend
2) XXX3- 7.1M Friday, 19M Weekend
3) Hidden Figures- 4.4M Friday, 16M Weekend
4) Sing- 1.9M Friday, 8.5M Weekend
5) La La Land- 2.4M Friday- 8M Weekend
6) Star Wars: Rogue One- 1.7M Friday, 6.5M Weekend
7) Monster Trucks- 1.3M Friday, 6M Weekend
8) Patriots Day- 1.6M Friday, 5.5M Weekend
9) Sleepless- 1M Friday, 3M Weekend
10) The Bye Bye Man- 1.1M Friday, 3M Weekend
11) The Founder- 1M Friday, 3M Weekend
??) Live By Night- 498K Friday, 1.5M Weekend
??) Lion- 461K Friday, 1.5M Weekend
??) 20th Century Women- 395K Friday, 1.2M Weekend
??) The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone- 380K Friday, 1M Weekend
??) Silence- 313K Friday, 1M Weekend

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