Bridget Jones’s Baby

Starring: Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey, Emma Thompson
Directed By: Sharon Maguire

Plot: Bridget Jones (Zellweger) is now in her early forties, alone, and wondering how she got here. She’s no longer with Mark (Firth), and the film basically opens letting us know that Daniel (Hugh Grant) is now dead. So that means we need a new love triangle, which is where a chance encounter with Jack (Dempsey) comes in. Then there’s a chance encounter with Mark, and then Bridget is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is.


What Works: Hugh Grant’s character was always an ass, so it was nice to see Bridget being fawned over by a decent guy for once. Patrick Dempsey’s Jack is pretty perfect in every way. It’s why the film doesn’t work for me, because she goes back to Mark. Again. Of course, this is the role Zellweger was born to play. She’s had a bit of a career hiccup recently, and hasn’t been getting offered good roles, but she gets her opportunity to remind everyone just how good she really is. It’s a redemption film for her, and I hope she gets back in the swing.

What Doesn’t Work: I kinda found Colin Firth’s Mark to be even more insufferable here than in the previous films. I didn’t really care for Edge of Reason, but he’s back here, and I honestly didn’t get why Bridget would go back to him after meeting Jack. I like Colin Firth as an actor, but I was rooting against him. I hated that she ended up with Mark. I know its the ending that someone felt like we needed, but we kinda had this ending in the last film. So why even bother doing a third film? We didn’t need three films for Bridget Jones to end up with Mark Darcy. If you’re going to make this a trilogy, at least be daring enough to take a risk in the third film. Show us how much Bridget has changed, and how she no longer needs Mark. Mark came along when she was fat and insecure, now she’s successful and confident, and can have any man she wants… like Jack. I hated the ending. Also, revealing that Daniel is actually alive at the end is SUCH a cop out. What, we’re getting a fourth movie? Bullshit. Fuck you.

Final Word: Zellweger is terrific, Dempsey is great, but the movie will leave you scratching your head, unless you just really wanted these two to end up together… again. I didn’t.

Final Grade: B

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